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Bills Free Agency Preview

Mike Watkins



The Hello NFL, I’m Terry F’ing Pegula and I’m gonna make it rain Free Agents

-J.Houston, OLB: Listen I like J.Hughes just as much as the next guy, but the thought of having Houston on one side Mario on the other with Dareus and Williams in the Middle would bring tears all across the board. Tears of Joy for Bills fans, and tears of fear for opposing teams. Sure there is about zero chance this happens for multiple reasons but that’s why it’s on this part of the list

-D.Revis, CB: Rex Ryans other man crush. Revis is everything Rex wants in a CB and Rex defense plays exactly into what Revis does best on the field. With the importance of CB play in Rex defense I imagine he will convince the Bills to go hard after him. Unlike Houston this has a legit chance of happening. I’m personally not scarred off by the years because I think much like Rod Woodson and Charles Woodson I believe Revis will end his career as a very good safety

-J.Thomas, TE: There are few positions the Bills fans have been begging for more over the past decade and half then a play making TE. Thomas represents want and need. Grant it his numbers are inflated by Peyton Manning but even with the inflated numbers accounted for he would be light years ahead of anything the Bills have had in, well, light years

The yea I’ve got deep pockets but I’m not going to Snyder this thing up in my first year Free Agents

-Charles Clay, TE: The guy just makes plays when he is out there. He is coming off a knee injury that kept his numbers down in 2014 which in turn will keep his contract down a little. This would be a signing that would help in 2 ways. One it improves the Bills, and two it weakens the Dolphins. He has a lot of D.Keller to him, which Rex knows all to well

-O.Franklin, OG/OT: The ability to play either LG or RT at a high level will attract a lot of teams and the Bills will be one of them given that they without a doubt have a major problem at one of those positions and a possible problem at the other if a young S.Henderson doesn’t develop

-C.Boling, OG: Everyone is looking and hoping for Iupati but I like Boling better because I think he is the better player and he will also be cheaper than the aforementioned Iupati. I’d rather pay for game then name

-P.McPhee, OLB/DE: Not your household name yet but if Hughes bolts McPhee would be a good substitute. Every Ravens game I watched this kid made plays. He’s equally good against the run and the pass. He’s talented enough where the Ravens may extend him and waive bye bye to Suggs or Dumerville

-J.Odrick, DE/DT: Odrick was made for a system like Rex Ryans and if he and his agent were smart they would find a way to get him to a hybrid scheme like Rex’s. He is a jack of all trades DL who is good in all phases of the game. He’ll never get the awards but he is one of those players that makes everyone around him better

The lets pump the breaks they are about to be overpaid Free Agents

-M.Iupati, OG: Look, I get it, the guy is an absolute monster in the run game and he leaves a little to be desired in pass protection but not much. For what he is going to command on the open market I really don’t think he is worth it. The Bills are obviously in need of this exact position but there will be good players out there at a far less cost

-N.Fairley, DT: I feel like this guy is still living off of his one good college year. Sure he has had some flashes here and there but playing next to the beast that is Suh helped spark that flash

I guess I have to sign a QB Free Agents

-Jake Locker, QB: This is seriously with a gun to my head because there is no QB out there worth signing and expecting anything out of. So it came down to a flip of the coin between Locker and Mallett. As you can see Locker won. I had Locker extremely overhyped coming out of college but he does have some good physical traits when you know, he’s not on IR

The Under the Radar I hope I hit on these because I barely have any draft picks Free Agents

-J.Gresham, TE: He has talent and shows flashes of it from time to time. I personally think this is a change of scenery player who could blossom elsewhere. The Bengals have a lot of offensive options so Gresham tends to get lost. If he was featured a little more he could finally reach his potential

-A.Clayborn, DE: I liked Clayborn coming out of Iowa. He is coming of an injury this past year that cost him 15 games. His biggest issue in my opinion is that he has been playing in a defense that doesn’t really suit him his whole career. I think he would be far better off in a hybrid type system than a straight 4-3

-S.Brown, S: Ask any Colts fan and they will tell you that Brown is better than L.Laundry, and they are right. He played very well for the Colts down the stretch

I’m going to go ahead and pass on them Free Agents

-D.Harris, ILB: Signing this guy would make about zero sense to me. To me he is now an older more expensive version of B.Spikes. At that point the Bills might as well keep Spikes in the fold.

-M.Sanchez, QB: I’m not clueless, I get it, there is actually an extremely good shot of this guy coming to Buffalo. Reality is he is the ultimate tease at QB. He will make some throws and have some games that make you think, yea its finally clicked for him. Then he will revert right back to, I can’t believe this guy has an IQ higher than 50 games and throws. He is what he is at this point in his career. A good back up that can get you through a 4 game stretch at .500 but that’s about it

The Rex Ryan Glue Guy Free Agents

-L.Douzable, DL: I can’t be the only one who noticed that this guy always seem to make a play or two every time the Jets played. He is by no means a starter but is a solid rotation player who knows the system

-D.Landry, S: I don’t think he will start many if any games at all, but he knows Rex’s system and that has value. Given his age and up and down production this should be a cheap signing  and one that is more of an on the field coach more than anything else

The homerun or strike out nothing in between free agents

-A.Cromartie, CB: If the Bills would be getting 2014 Cromartie than it’s a no brainer. If they are getting 2013 Cromartie then absolutely no way you even consider him. At age 31 I believe he is closer to the 2013 version than the 2014 version.

-B.Orakapo, DE/OLB: Orakapo will be one of the most interesting Free Agents to follow this offseason. He is ultra talented when he is healthy. The problem is he is rarely healthy anymore. So giving this guy any type of big money is truly a roll of the dice. Now if Hughes gets away I am completely on board with that roll of the dice. Mainly because while still a decent sized contract I still think he could be a bargain. If he is healthy then the Bills have by far the best front 7 in football and it wont be close

Other Thoughts

-Realistically I expect the Bills to be aggressive in the free agency period. They actually need to be with no first round pick this year. That doesn’t mean I expect them or want them to toss money all around the place. They still have to be smart and calculated about it.

-I expect Offense and former Rex players to be the name of the game in Free Agency. With limited draft picks in a shallow draft they have to set themselves up to be able to pick the BPA in every round

Thoughts On the Richie Incognito Signing

Mike Watkins



Obviously the Bills made an interesting signing this week when they brought in offensive guard Richie Incognito. There is no reason to rehash why Incognito is such a controversial player. If you are reading this then you know the story and if you don’t I really don’t know where you have been for the past year and a half.

The need is obvious with the signing. The OG position has been a complete dumpster fire the past two years. Incognito immediately became the most talented OG on the roster once the pen hit the paper. That speaks much more to the complete lack of talent on the Bills roster much more than it does Incognito’s talents. The Bills clearly need help and they did not want to wait until the free agent doors opened.

Overall from a fit standpoint Incognito is exactly what they are looking for at the position. He has always been a poor mans Kevin Gogan. He is an average to sometimes good OG game to game. Better in the run game than in the pass and provides that nasty streak on the field that coaches often look for in the position. So from a pure on the field move it’s a no brainer with what Rex and Roman want to do with this offense.

Now obviously there are plenty that take issue with the signing because of the harassment charges from his Dolphin days. There is no doubt that is a concern and the one year deal represents that concern. The Bills really have no risk other than maybe a week or two of bad press if it goes wrong again.

I for one do not take issue with the signing. I believe that every wrong decision has a penalty and once that penalty is paid its time to move on. I think the year and half Incognito spent away from the game constitutes paying the penalty. I don’t believe that Incognito should just be banished forever and live his life in exile.

Everyone makes mistakes, I’ve made them, you’ve made them, we have all made them. I’ve found in my 30 plus years on this earth that I often change and learn the most after a mistake and more often than not for the better. I do not like this branding of someone when they make a mistake or they do something wrong that the person shall forever be identified and known as that mistake. To me it’s foolish at best.

I also believe that it is unbelievable ignorant to say that Kim Pegula or the Bills franchise and fan base somehow deem it ok and are fine with Incognito for his past discretions simply because he signed here. I’m not, they are not, and none of us will ever be fine with what he did. I’m not here to make excuses for Incognito nor are they and there is no stamp of approval on those past actions. That version of Incognito may not even exist anymore. Personally I don’t know and I bet no one else knows either including Richie himself.

I haven’t always had this mindset. I’ve found that as I get older that forgiveness is more of a virtue and changing is inevitable across the board. For me I’ll be rooting for Incognito to show that change is possible, recognize what he did was wrong, and show that positive change can come from a bad situation. I hope Incognito understands the opportunity that has been given to him by the Bills and that he takes full advantage of it. The better person and player he is will not only benefit him but the Bills team as a whole.

Run Down of The Bills Free Agents

Mike Watkins



Main Free Agents

CJ Spiller: I like Spiller and think he can a very explosive back when he is given lanes and space. There are a few issues though. For starters he cannot seem to stay healthy which is a problem with any type of big commitment. The second issue is his age, at 28 the Bills or any team for that matter would be crazy to sink any type of big money into him. He is a nice player to have but only at the right price


What to Do: I’d let him test the market and the most I’d offer is just south of what R.Bush got from Detroit. Absolutely nothing over 4 years though


Prediction: Spiller leaves town. I think the Bills will be right to move on because sinking any type of real money into a RB at his age with his injury history would be a mistake. My guess is with the Jets or Giants. Jets make sense with the Gailey there and the Giants front office was very high on him coming out of college and tried to move up for him.



J.Hughes: I wouldn’t say Hughes is an absolute must to bring back but he’s clearly the top FA on this list that the Bills should attempt to lock up. He has proven to be very productive on this team in multiple systems which has a lot of value. Knowing this his agent will want to try and get to the market to land a big deal. The Bills will have to convince him otherwise. They do have some carrots to dangle with a system he produces in and playing alongside ultra-talented players on defense



What to Do: I’d try not to let him get to market. 5/48/20 the absolute max I would go. The reality is if they don’t bring him back there will be many other pass rushers looking to line up alongside Williams, Williams, and Dareus



Prediction: I think Hughes exits. While the Bills are trying to lock him up now he is eventually going to start to get some open market numbers from some teams. While Hughes has blossomed in Buffalo I believe he is going to let money determine where he lands. It’s not impossible to bring him back because I’m sure he knows the extreme advantage he has playing around the talent he does here


B.Spikes: I’m much more a fan of Spikes then when they signed him. He is still is the one dimensional 2 down LB he was when they signed him. However he brought an attitude and a pride to run defense that the Bills had been searching for, for years now. If the Bills had stayed with Schwartz it would have been nearly impossible to bring him back based on numbers alone. With Rex Ryan in town with his scheme it becomes more plausible for him to return but still unlikely. The Price has to be right along with the years though.


What To Do: I think he has taken to Buffalo and would like to stay. A contract in the 3-4 year range between 10-14 million would be about right for a player that is a 2 down player


Prediction: This is a tough one but I think the Bills find a way to keep him on the fold. He seems to have really taken to the area and team but will he accept a reduced role is what will determine this



D.Searcy: I like Searcy I think he is a solid but not spectacular player. He is great depth and a starter you can live with. I think he wants nothing to do with Depth and I also think he will find it too hard to crack the starting lineup with Williams entrenched and Rex likely to bring in one of his own guys


What To Do: I wouldn’t even offer him a deal. Searcy has been a solid player but I think it’s time to move on


Prediction: I think he will be gone and I imagine may try and follow Schwartz


Other UFA

-E.Pears: I think his time has run its course on the team. He was decent under Gailey because he hid him but he has serious issues with speed rushers. Wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up with the Jets now that Gailey is on board


-C.Hairston: He’s not a bad utility OL when he can stay healthy. I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing him back but I would let him out on the market first and see if an upgrade can be found


-M.Easley: To me it’s a no brainer to bring him back. He is clearly the best ST player on the roster. To let him get away would mean a down grade in that phase and for that alone I would bring him back


-L.Smith: I’m 50/50 on him. Decent ST’er and you could do a lot worse for a third string TE.


-J.Wynn: Solid depth and a good team player. I don’t really see him being a fit in the new scheme however. I think he will be gone


-S.Sylvester: Gone, see no reason to bring him back


-L.Dean: Camp Fodder?

Early Ranking: Top 5 TE's

Mike Watkins





1.D.Funchess, Michigan: Some have him as a WR and while I think he can play on Sundays at that spot, I think he can be a game changer at the TE spot. Question is will he embrace it or chase being a WR. In my opinion he can be a lot like A.Hernandez (Minus the Off the field issues)


Draft Range: Fringe 1st


2.B.Koyack, Notre Dame: Notre Dame has quickly become TE U. Koyack is not as talented as the N.D. TE’s before him but he is not far behind. He is a solid blocker and has shown good hands through the year. Numbers are light but the Irish focused more on getting the Ball to the WR’s


Draft Range: mid 2nd


3.C.Walford, Miami: He wont have all the athletic measurable that you want to see in current TE’s but he is tough and has a well rounded game. Good blocker and better than advertised hands.


Draft Range: Mid 2nd


4.M.Williams, Minnesota: Williams has a long way to go as a blocker but he will make his impact in the passing game, which in todays NFL is the way this position has gone lately in the NFL. I think he is rawer than he is being advertised right now


Draft Range: Mid 2nd


5.N.O’Leary, FSU: O’Leary makes a lot of clutch catches but finding a spot for him on Sundays is not easy. He is a bit of a Tweener, but has a knack for getting open. He’ll be on a team but picking a round for him is not easy


Draft Range: 3rd



Who I Like For The Bills: I think with Rex and Roman on board they will value a TE that can block in line but also bring value to the passing game. I like the fit of C.Walford from Miami. He isn’t going to be stretching the seem down the field by any means but you can keep him on the field for any down and he knows how to make an impact in the passing game

Looking at the Top 5 Positions of Need Heading into the Offseason

Mike Watkins




1.QB: This one is an obvious, the Bills currently have no QB on the roster that is even average let alone one that could be labeled the answer. EJ Manuel has a little bit going for him this offseason in that it looks like the Bills will be mimicking the things Florida State did to hide EJ Manuel. Strong defense, strong running game, and a passing game that limits reads and takes advantage of EJ’s arm down the field from time to time.


Realistically the Bills have to bring someone else in. I don’t expect that player to come from the draft unless one they have rated high falls right into their lap. So Free Agency looks to be the route, the obvious connection is Mark Sanchez. He is better than EJ but he cannot ever be considered the long term answer at the position. Whomever they pick is going to come in with clear flaws in their game, that’s the reality with 99% of free agent QB’s. You don’t see teams let good QB’s hit the market on a regular basis. You have to try and find one that has flaws that become workable in your system



2.OG: Another obvious one. I am firmly on the record stating that you don’t pay big money or spend high draft picks on the position. That said, you cannot just leave the position completely void of talent and expect it not to be a disaster. That’s exactly what it’s been for two years now under Marrone. Now with Kromer and Roman in the fold I expect a focus on upgrading the position. There is some ok talent on the roster that could develop if coached up. Richardson was forced into action to early and I believe he and Kouandjio deserve a look after a year in an NFL weight training system. They however should not be looked upon or counted upon as the answer at this junction.


I expect the Bills to be aggressive in trying to plug this hole with both a Free Agent pick up and a draft pick. The obvious one is Iupati but I really like C.Boiling from the Bengals



3.TE: I am not in the group that seems to love to hate Chandler. I actually think Chandler is average to above average when it comes to starting TE’s. If the Bills could find another player at the position to move Chandler to the number 2 TE then I think his value greatly increases. The Bills really just lack that safety valve TE than can find the soft spots in defenses and exploit it. Chandler is to up and down for that.


There happens to be some good free agent options at the moment. A few of them I imagine will get tagged so the list will get much shorter in terms of talent. The draft is average at the position so it will be interesting to see how the Bills tackle upgrading this spot if at all. I believe they will value pass blocking in the position with what Roman is trying to do, so that is something to keep an eye on



4.FS: Safety is a key position in Rex’s defense. They are set with A.Williams manning one spot but the other is a little more open. Searcy played well and keeping him will be a cost based decision. I don’t expect them to go all out trying to fill this but Rex’s defense works at its highest level when he has a ball hawking centerfielder of a FS.



This position is very Meh in FA’cy and the draft. I wouldn’t expect them to be really aggressive trying to upgrade here and may just go with trying to coach up the in house players.



5.DL: This one may come as a little surprise. The Bills have spent a lot of assets and time building up the DL into one of if not the best in the NFL. It has become their identity of sorts. I think the Bills would be wise to keep it that way by keeping the pipeline fresh with talent especially with Williams and Williams on the wrong side of 30. I believe in having a deep talented DL because it can make up for a lot of miscues of the back 7



I don’t expect this to be that high of a priority but I would specifically look to the draft to keep this unit on top. The new defensive staff specializes in finding DL and coaching them up to elite status. The Bills would be wise to take advantage of that and keep this unit on top

The Dust has settled, My Thoughts on the Rex Ryan Hire

Mike Watkins




The dust has started to settle a bit on the Rex Ryan hire. Rex wasn’t my first choice but he wasn’t my last choice either. From a personality standpoint he fits Buffalo and the general energy of the city. Fans and media alike will take to him rather quickly. Especially the media as he makes their job far easier because he is a quote machine at the podium.


In the media they have been 50/50 and as to critical or liking the hiring. Those whom like the hire state then when he had an elite defense and just average QB play he made it to two AFC title games. He is close to that formula right now. For a team in a very much win now mode, his structure and previous record fits what is trying to be done with the Bills right now.


Those whom are more critical of the move point to that Rex is a defensive coach and the Bills defense was fine so why not hire an offensive minded coach. Let me be clear about this, this is far and away the dumbest thing that gets said year in and year out during a coaching search. When looking for a head coach you should be looking for a leader of men and a coach who can identify coaching talent. That is what you are looking for. You should not be looking for a coach that is going to fix the deficiencies on one side of the ball. This is why I feel so many hires go bad in the NFL because of that exact line of thinking


I’ve been critical of Rex in the past because I think he was allowed to have too much say in the roster decisions. With the Jets from the moment he got there he began sinking the vast majority of the teams resources in building up that side of the ball. With good reason, it’s the side he knows the best and could fix the fastest. Due to that however it left the offensive side baron of any talent. It also however left him a built in excuse, his defense was performing but his offense was not.


In Buffalo however that is not the case, unlike the Jets in his first year the defense is loaded and ready to go. As a bonus it’s the same defense that they ran just two years ago and Schwartz kept most of the verbiage to make the transition to his defense faster. To revert back will move even faster than that. If the Bills bring Hughes back there is very little that has to be done. A possible tweak at the FS spot will likely happen given how critical that position is in Rex Defense. Outside of that, Rex Ryan could not have picked a better spot to run what he wants to do immediately.


Now what this affords Rex to do is focus the team’s attention and assets to the offensive side of the ball. This is something that could rarely be done in New York because Rex had to keep the defense stocked. With no first round pick and a coach and a team in a very much win now mode you can expect the Bills to be active in free agency. Rex Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman I’m sure is making a wish list as we speak.


Speaking of Roman, I like the hiring for what Rex wants his football team to be. When the rumor started to circulate that Trestman was tied to Rex it didn’t make too much sense to me. Trestman is more of a pass first finesse coach. Whereas Roman is more of the grind it out ball control coach. Roman fits Rex style and that is the first change and adjustment you will see from New York to Buffalo with Rex. You will see coaches that fit his style rather than trying to adjust his style to the OC.


With Roman Rex understands you can’t beat Tom Brady by trying to out-Brady him. The last thing you want to do is get into a shootout with him because to put it bluntly your QB is not going to be as good as Brady. So to counter that keep the ball out of his hands by keeping Brady off the field. I fully expect that to be the game plan week in and week out, can’t match your QB play so the Bills will limit your QB’s opportunities.


I said in my coach search column that if the Bills were looking to hire a coach with experience that Rex Ryan would be the front runner. That came to fruition, and not because Atlanta stalled, but because the Pegulas and the Front Office could see the match from the coach to the city. It’s a certain style and a temperament I believe was being searched for. That style is what I believe we will see and why the Pegulas felt Rex Ryan fits them, the city, and the team best at this moment. Rex is a blue collar guy in a blue collar city. A city that appreciates toughness and on the football field a tough physical team that can roll over you Sunday after Sunday. That is the vision I believe Rex and the Bills front office and ownership is looking for. Will it work? I think so, Rex is Buffalo as much as Buffalo is Rex

Early Rankings: Top 5 IOL

Mike Watkins




1.L.Collins, LSU: Can be a devastating run blocker but he is very up and down with effort. He can play OT but his future is at OG. With the right coach who can get a steady level of play and sharpen up his tech he has the talent to be an All-Pro OG

Draft Range: Early 1st


2.H.Grasu, Oregon: Hard nosed player who is equally good in both Pass and run blocking. Gets to the second level very well and is apt at hitting moving targets

Draft Range: Late 2nd


3.A.Kouandjio, Alabama: Really good run blocker but has a lot of lapses in pass blocking. Most of it is due to footwork that can be corrected. Most pass blocking issues are when he faces 3 tech, he handles NT’s fairly well

Draft Range: Early 3rd


4.R.Dismukes, Auburn: Moves very well in space but has a some trouble anchoring. Built more for a zone blocking team that likes their OL to be mobile. A fighter but will get pushed back against bigger NT’s. Much better against the quicker 3 techs

Draft Range: Mid 3rd


5.S.Mason, Georgia Tech: Moves far better than what the combine numbers will say. Every time I watched Georgia tech he was the OL that popped off the screen the most.

Draft Range: 4th


Who I like For the Bills: The Bills will be looking to upgrade the OG spot no matter who the coach is. A player I like that can likely be had on day 3 but I have a day 2 grade on is John Miller from Louisville. He is solid in both pass and run blocking. He also is good at getting to the second level which is something I value

Bills Need to Put Their House in Order at the Top
by Anthony D. Macari - @NFLWarroom

While the media has been flooded with stories on how Doug Marrone clashed with the Bills front office. The majority of the criticism has been focused on Marrone. That's understandable considering much of it is coming from the New York City press looking into Marrone as a new York Jets coaching front runner. However, as Fred Jackson said, Marrone is just another guy to the Bills now. He moved on so now they must move on. 

It is worth looking into the situation that led to the sudden departure of Doug Marrone and the the subsequent decision from Bill Polian to refuse an offer to come back to Buffalo to try to finish the job he came so close to completing when he was the architect of the 4 time AFC Championship Bills. Polian's decision sadly may be a clear indication that the culture of losing inside One Bills Drive may be a plague that will take a complete overhaul to cure. The fact that we now hear leaked stories coming out of One Bills Drive slinging poo on Marrone wreaks of petty childishness from an organization that is rudderless. Marrone is not the first and won't be the last NFL Coach to have a huge ego and who will fight for a say in personnel decisions. A strong front office would be able to make the coach feel engaged in the decision and would work to build a consensus. It seems Marrone may not have been the only one with thin skin or a personal agenda walking the halls at One Bills Drive. As Fred Jackson said, Marrone is no longer our problem but the culture in the front office he left behind that caused a Hall of Fame GM with ties to the Bills to want nothing to do with them is very much still a detriment to winning.

The common denominator through this decade of losing football is Russ Brandon. Russ Brandon has been the most dominant figure in the Bills front office for near decade of complete failure on the field. The results couldn't be more inept. The leagues longest playoff drought has come under his watch. Bills fans should be forever grateful to Brandon for managing a successful transfer of ownership that keeps the Bills in Buffalo for the foreseeable future. In no small part for the first time in years, there is no talk of LA or Toronto or England or anywhere but Western New York as the home for the Bills and that comes from the effort of Ralph Wilson and by extension, Russ Brandon. Brandon fought to fulfill Mr. Wilson's vision through to completion even after his passing. Russ was Wilson's right hand man but now the Pegulas need their own people in place to fulfill their vision to not only keep the Bills in Buffalo but to build a winner and maybe even, dare we dream, a champion. The time is now to move on with a clean start to build a winning organization and that starts at the front. 

Marrone's clashes seemed to have been mostly with Dough Whaley. He disagreed with the decision to mortgage the future to move up to get Sammy Watkins.  If they stayed put they could have had their pick of Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin or Brandin Cooks and kept their first rounder this year. Apparently the Bills were set to grab Eric Ebron had they not made the trade. Ebron did not make the same immediate impact most of this year's 1st round receivers made, so the move is slightly better by comparison than had plan B been a Beckham perhaps. However, the move seemed like a desperation move by a front office who thought they only had one year to make an impact. Problem is, they fell short of ending the playoff drought, lost the coach that got them closer than any other in a decade, lost the QB they brought in to bail them out and they are still somehow still here playing a key role in rebuilding once again. It's like Whaley and Brandon where diagnosed with a terminal illness so they ran up their credit cards only to find out they would survive long enough to have to pay the Bills. Fact is Whaley has missed as much as he has hit but now is trying to force one of his misses down the throat of the new coaches being hired. Maybe Manuel can get coached up, but to make that a condition a prospective coach has to agree to before signing on is a huge mistake that will likely drive away most viable candidates. 

The Pegulas seem to get it. They have taken the lead in the interviews. They are looking for a Football Czar to oversee operations. In many ways they are stuck with Brandon and Whaley because no one else is on board to help them make the critical decision on the next Head Coach. However, they would be wise to go all the way right now and make a clean break. Even if it means they lose time. Maybe the extra time needed to hire the Czar first, will mean they have a shot at staff from the Super Bowl teams that other teams didn't stick around long enough to hire. Relying on the same decision makers who have failed to solve the critical question at Coach and QB for a decade to resolve the critical question at Coach and QB once again is the definition of insanity. Whaley has no business trying to sell EJ Manuel on coaching prospects. Brandon has no business helping to decide who the next coach should be. Both have had their chance to address the two most important pieces to build a winner and failed miserably, not to mention the 3rd most important piece, the O-Line. The New Owners need to bring in a new President of Football Operations. A new GM, a new Coach and a new QB.

The sad part is despite the incredible ineptitude, this team is razor close to being a winner. Unfortunately without a 1st or 4th round pick which leaves the Bills with only 2 picks in the top 150, they will also have to open up the pocket book in free agency if they hope to fill holes at QB, LG, RG, TE and to replace any potential free agent losses. However, if they can keep their own, especially Hughes, Searcy and Easley, they will have most of the key pieces in place on defense and special teams to compete for the playoffs. If they hold onto Shwartz and find an offense minded coach who can quickly evaluate and develop a QB they might have a chance to simply reload rather than rebuild. Finding either a veteran or diamond in the rough in the draft at QB, who can implement and execute a QB friendly system is obviously critical. Perhaps there is a coach out there that can coach EJ up in such a system. I have no problem with the front office asking the new coach to try but they absolutely can not go all in on such a notion. It is imperative that the Bills draft a QB and sign a free agent veteran QB to compete with Manuel. In fact, I am in favor of drafting a QB every year until you find your franchise guy. 

It's a brand new day in Buffalo. The question is no longer, will there be a future for professional football in Western New York. However, the question still remains, will there every be competitive, playoff caliber or dare we dream, championship caliper professional football here. The Pegulas simply can't rest on keeping the team here. They need to build a winner.

Early Rankings: Top 5 OT's

Mike Watkins




1.A.Peat, Stanford: He may not have the highest ceiling of this years crop but what I like about Peat is he is consistent game after game. I think he can play either right or the left side and will be a starter from day 1 through the next 12 years

Draft Range: Top 15

2.E.Flowers, Miami: Flowers to me has the highest ceiling of any of the OT’s. He has really good feet, tough as nails, and is equally good in the run game as he is in the pass game

Draft Range: Top 15

3.R.Stanley, Notre Dame: Remember Z.Martin last year? Well Stanley is pretty much the same player with one key difference, unlike Martin Stanley best position on Sundays will be OT not OG. Expect him to have a steady rise up draft boards

Draft Range: Mid 1st

4.C.Ogbuehi, Texas A&M: Biggest boom or bust among the top OT’s. He could either be the best OT to come from the class or out of the league in 5 years. He has it all physical but has a good amount of mental lapses

Draft Range: Late 1st

5.B.Schreff, Iowa: Every year the book on Iowa OT’s is the same Good run blockers, High IQ’s, trouble with Speed rushers, have they peaked? It’s no different with Schreff, every one of those labels applies. At worst he’s a solid OG so there is a built in safety net with him

Draft Range: Early 2nd


Player I like for the Bills:  T.Sambraio from Colorado State. Really good in pass protection but he also projects to 4 out of 5 positions on the OL. That is something I believe the Bills will value this upcoming offseason. I also think and expect that whomever is running the Bills will be aggressive in fixing the OL

Thoughts on the Bills coaching search and a look at some of the candidates

Mike Watkins



Here we are again just two years later and the Bills are in the midst of trying to find a Head Coach. This time around I am hoping the Bills cast a much wider net than they did last time. They did a lot of lip service as to how they planned on going far and wide looking for a new head coach but wound up doing the exact opposite of that when they found Marrone.

This time however it looks like the Bills are going to cast a much wider net as they should have 2 years ago. Their interview list this time around looks to have tripled and they now see the value in interviewing all types of candidates.

I’m still at the same place I was two years ago. I believe the Bills need to find a young driven, innovative coach who is looking to make his mark in the NFL. A lot of fans want the 57 year old Bill Cowher but I want the 35 year old Bill Cowher who the Steelers hired back in 1992. That is exactly the type of coach I think this team needs to get to the next level and stay there.

Here is some of what I look for in Head Coaches

-Natural Leader: This one seems obvious but its not. Either you wake up a leader or you don’t. You cannot in my opinion become one by reading a book, or taking a class, its something that is in you from day one

-The ability to identify coaching talent: I cannot stress how important this is. A Head Coach is only as good as his staff. Go back over the history of the league and you will see all the great ones have this attribute. They can all identify coaching talent and they can get that talent to follow them

-Innovative: The league is consistently changing, you are either ahead of it or behind it. Being ahead of it is the key to any type of sustained success. Last thing you want is a coach to bring in the playbook and philosophies of the 90’s thinking it’s going to work today (Cough, Cough, Wanny…)

-Driven: Being a NFL Head Coach is a 24/7/365 job. Losing can not be acceptable or tolerated at any time

Current Coordinators

-D.Bevell, Seattle: Has been with a multitude of coaches of various styles and teams. Is well respected around the league and is known as the coach who found and cultivated R.Wilson. I like Bevell because he is very flexible with his game plans week to week and often goes outside the box

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: Id say pretty good if the Bills are willing to wait out the playoff run. I think he will see a team with a ready-made defense and some pieces to work with on offense

-A.Gase, Denver: Some say his success is all do to Manning and that its Peytons offense and not his. I don’t agree with that at all. Gase got to where he is because there are few coaches anywhere that will outwork him. He has a field general look to him and is well know to have an extremely high football IQ

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I’d say low, I think Gase is looking for something different than what the Bills have and will likely wait out the P.Manning run or look to be the successor in Denver

-D.Quinn Seattle: Best known for taking the Seattle defense to new heights after Gus Bradley left. Question is how much input does Carroll have on that? From all accounts, not as much as one would think. Pete is known for letting his coaches coach and call the games. Again Quinn has a lot of what I am looking for in the next of HC

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I’d say 50/50 right now. I’m sure he could do a lot with the defense but I think the Bills are looking for something a little different in an HC

-T.Bowles, Arizona: What he has done with the injuries he has had in Arizona is impressive. Bowles has grown by leaps and bounds over just the past two years. Widely respected around the league with multiple stops along the way, meaning he can likely assemble a pretty good staff

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I think he would be the front runner of the former DC’s if the Bills decide to go the defensive minded route. I like him a lot more than I did just 2 years ago

-F.Reich, San Diego: Frank has pretty much taken the path that you would like any  future head coach to take. He has worked on every level of the process. It helps that he was a back up QB, which is basically the equivalent of being a Catcher in baseball in terms of running a team. Back up QB’s see the game differently because they are almost de facto coaches during their playing days

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I would say he is the front runner as of right now. The Buffalo connection is obvious and the Pegulas reportedly value that. Given his time in the league and whom he has worked with it would be a solid hire

-P.Hamilton, Indianapolis: There is a lot to like about Hamilton, he comes from the Harbaugh tree and has done a lot of good things in his time with the Colts. I still think it’s a tad early for him to be a Head Coach

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I would say less than 50/50. I think if the Bills go the OC route there will be better options on the board

-H.Jackson, Cincinnati: I have been a fan of Hue for a while. I think he got a raw deal in Oakland and for some reason banished to positional coach a few stops until being named the OC with the Bengals. I think Jackson can and will be a HC in the NFL again and a good one at that

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I would say better than 50/50. I think he will do great in the interview and will be willing to embrace and take on the challenge in Buffalo

Former Head Coaches

-B.Cowher: It’s amazing that Mr.Cowher always seem to have a craving for Buffalo area food every time the Bills head coaching job opens up

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: Zero Chance, accept it Bills fans

-M.Shanahan: I’ve never been a huge fan but you cannot deny what he has done in the league. The bonus is he is said to be ultra motivated by what happened in Washington and that is not how he wants his last stop in the NFL to be

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: I’d say a long shot, but if he does come that is the Bills best shot for Schwartz to stay on board

-R.Ryan: I’m not a huge fan of Rex. I think he spent most of his time in NY making sure his defense was stacked with talent so he would have a built in excuse with the offense. That time finally ran out. In Buffalo he could do a lot with the talent on defense but I still think he has no clue on how to get an offense going

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: If the Bills want to go with a HC with HC experience I think Rex will be the front runner

College Coaches

-K.Sumlin, Texas A&M: Hits every one of my criteria for a HC. Would be extremely sought after if he decides to make the jump. He however is said to be content at Texas A&M for at least another 2 years

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: Zero, Will not leave college

-B.Kelly, Notre Dame: Has won on every level and is an innovative mind on offense but at every stay he also focuses on building he defense up as fast as possible. Understands you need both to win.

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: Zero, Flirted with the NFL a couple years ago but is said to have really laid some deep roots at Notre Dame

-Nick Saban, Alabama: Excellent college coach who had a mediocre NFL run. Its rumored that he may want back into the NFL to give it another go given how he failed in Miami. To do that though it’s also rumored it would take an extraordinary offer. Saban should stay in college. While I consider him a good coach, his best attribute is that he is a world class recruiter and that skill is rendered moot on the NFL level

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: Zero

-D.Shaw, Stanford: Shaw has been high on my list for 3 years now. In fact he has been my number 1 guy and would be my number one guy this year also. Unfortunate for me, and Buffalo, Shaw is currently at his dream job and does not want to leave anytime soon

Chances Of Being the Bills HC: Zero

Final thought and who I would select

Of all the candidates that I have listed the one that I think would be the best fit for Buffalo would be D.Bevell. I think the Bills need someone who knows how to coach and identify the QB position. Bevell has been around enough very good QB play to know what it looks like and he knows how to get the most out of it. I think he is an innovative mind who adjust his offense as needed to what its strengths are. His time under Carroll has been extremely valuable. He has been around the league enough and under enough good coaches that he knows were all the up and coming coaching talent is in the league. When I see Bevell he reminds of Sean Peyton time and time again. I think that is exactly what the Bills need right now. 

Early Ranking: Top 5 WR's

Mike Watkins



1.A.Cooper, Alabama: Clear cut top WR in the draft. I have him slightly below where I had Sammy Watkins last year. Is a lock top 10 pick and should be a #1 WR for whatever team selects him

Draft Range: Top 5

2.J.Strong, Arizona St: Has been my number 2 WR for the entire year. He has a lot of B.Marshall to him. Excellent hands and a wide catch radius

Draft Range: Top 15

3.D.Parker, Louisville: Parker doesn’t get a lot of pub but he is one of the most complete WR’s in the country. Excellent body control, with Route running and hands. You will hear more and more about Parker as the draft gets closer

Draft Range: Late 1st

4.S.Coates, Auburn: Coates has been the WR for me that has risen the most during the season. He is a lot like C.Patterson of the Vikings. He is raw but the talent is clear

Draft Range: Fringe 1st

5.K.White, West Virginia: Started off fast and there is a lot ot like about him. Things that concern me however are that he has trouble getting open when teams roll coverage his way and only has 1 year of elite play

Draft Range: Early 2nd

Who I like for the Bills: I think the Bills are satisfied enough with their WR crew that it will not be an early priority unless someone falls in their laps. Outside of that I like S.Diggs from Maryland on Day 3 for the Bills. He can make an immediate impact on special teams and is a spark plug on offense

It’s not the QB, it’s that the Bills need a better….

Mike Watkins



You can go ahead and fill in whatever you want there at the end of the title. It’s been 15 years and inevitably a faction of Bills fans always find some other part of the franchise to blame other than the obvious issue. It can be from owner right on down to the training staff for injury issues. I’ve heard it all, the owner doesn’t spend, he spends but not on the right guys, the coaches need to go, the GM needs to go, the defense is bad, the OL is bad, the WR are not good enough,….on and on.

Now, the QB problem is one that gets brought up but seems to evaporate to the litany of excuses stated above. This year it’s the OL and the OC. This is the debate I have been having for the past decade and a half, first on message boards and then on Twitter. Fans of the Bills seem to convince themselves that if the OL play or the OC was better that they could get by with an average QB, or that somehow those two things combined would somehow raise the play of the QB. In both cases they are wrong and have been wrong

I’ve heard it all, they often point to Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and now Aaron Rodgers and say they have great OL play. Problem is they fail to realize that none of them have had great OL play over the course of their careers. What they have though is an innate ability to get rid of the ball, be able to read a defense, and then make accurate correct throws. This will make any OL look far better than it actually is. Andrew Luck has arguably one of the worst OL’s in the NFL yet where is his team going, the playoffs.

The Bills can go ahead spend and improve the OL all they want. You can give Orton and or Manuel all the time they need back there. Give the RB’s better blocking up front but it will all be for naught if the QB position is not improved. Opposing defenses can and would much rather adjust to a good OL and running game then a good QB any day of the week and especially on Sundays

The same can be said about the OC. The OC is always only going to be as good as the QB talent he has. Chip Kelly learned that lesson this year. I’ve been saying for years Play calling is one of the most overrated thing in sports while execution is one of the most underrated. You can get any OC you want, if he doesn’t have talent at the QB position with the ability to execute what he’s calling it won’t matter.

So once again we can come up with a million excuses, we can once again reference the Baltimore Ravens Trent Dilfer anomaly of a Super Bowl victory to give us some sense that there is a chance with out the most important position in all of sports left void of talent. The reality is this, the plight of this franchise will not change until the talent level of the QB position is raised. They do not have anything on the roster even resembling a player that could be the solution. The priority this offseason, next offseason and every offseason has to be finding that player at all and any cost. When that is solved you’ll be shocked at how all those other roster and team issues seem to evaporate.

Early Rankings: Top 5 RB’s

Mike Watkins



1.Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin: Melvin is one of my favorite players in college to watch. He’s explosive and can score from anywhere on the field. I view him as a complete 3 down RB and he should be selected in the first round of the draft

Draft Range: mid 1st

2.Todd Gurley, Georgia: Hard to say at this point how much the injury will affect him. Teams seem much more likely to look past injuries on talented players and Gurley is just that. He was flirting with the top 10 before it but I think that is gone now.

Draft Range: Fringe 1st

3.TJ Yeldon, Alabama: Reminds me a lot of Fred Jackson with his ability to cut through traffic. His issue is he tends to overthink it in some games and is hesitant to hit the openings.

Draft Range: Mid 2nd

4.Duke Johnson, Miami: When Duke Johnson game is on he looks a lot like L.McCoy of the Eagles. When he is off he still isn’t bad but not nearly as decisive.

Draft Range: Mid 2nd

5.Tevin Coleman, Indiana: The huge numbers he has put up cannot be ignored. That said it is only the one year where his numbers jump off the page. In general most GM’s in scouts like to see two years

Draft Range: Mid 2nd


Who I like for the Buffalo Bills: At first I would say Yeldon because I think F.Jackson would be a perfect mentor for him. The guy who has my interest peaked and only because of the injury is Gurley. If Gurley somehow makes it to the Bills in the 2nd he would be a real interesting pick. With Spiller out the door, Fred and Brown under contract you could red shirt or PUP Gurley in 2015. This would give the Bills their RB of the future and a top 15 value in the 2nd round

Early Ranking: Top 5 QB’s

Mike Watkins



1.M.Mariota, Oregon: Mariota has been the number 1 QB on the board for me for 2 years straight now. If he would have been eligible it would be 3 years. Some have soured on him but I think he is far better than any other QB in the draft as of now and is clean on and off the field

Draft Range: Top 5 Pick, Odds on number 1

2.C.Cook, Michigan St: Cook has been on an upward trend for 2 years now. While his accuracy can be shaky at times he is a natural leader and has good measurable across the board

Draft Range: Late First

3.J.Winston, FSU: The on the field talent is there. When the game is on the line Winston seems to be able to make magic happen. His teammates go to war for him and by most accounts the coaches like him. However, I do not trust him at all off the football field and when you are playing this positions on Sundays that matters, and it matters a lot.

Draft Range: Mid 2nd, Reward out ways risk at that point

4.G.Grayson, Colorado St.: A lot to work with in Grayson. He has good arm strength and natural mobility. Like most QB’s outside of the first round it’s the consistency that hurts them

Draft Range: Late 2nd

5.S.Carden, East Carolina: Every time I see this kid play I like what I see. He would be perfect for a team with an established QB in the last leg of his career

Draft Range: 3rd Round


Who I like For the Buffalo Bills: I really don’t see the Bills being too interested in QB’s in the upcoming draft. I think they are going to roll with Orton and Manuel again. If they do make a move I think it will be via trade for a Veteran, and that market may be decent this year. If they do take a QB the player I like is K.Hogan from Stanford if he is still around on day 3. I think if he’s still there in round 5 or 6 he’s worth a shot to see if they can make something out of him. Overall though I’d be fine if the Bills stay out of the QB area for the draft

Week 10: The Bills give away a win

Mike Watkins




-The Bills players will be kicking themselves when they watch the Film from the Chiefs game this week. They outplayed them in every area of the game and couldn’t come away with a win. It’s a lesson for the younger players on the team that you have to remain focused from start to finish


-The Bills must do better in the Red Zone. If the Bills turn one of those FG’s into a TD then it is a different game. The goal of any drive is points but when you are within the 20 and especially the 10 to not come away with a TD is not acceptable


-Reality is every team is going to have games like this. You are going to have games you squeak out a win when you should not have. You will have a game you should have won that you lost. You will beat a team that you shouldn’t and you will lose to a team you shouldn’t. It’s the ebb and flow of every NFL season


-I stated it after the game, I don’t see how anyone can pin this on the coaches. They had a sound game plan for the game. The defense absolutely terrorized the Chiefs offense all day. The Bills offense had the Chiefs defense off tilt nearly all game. Brown doesn’t fumble that ball into the end zone and the game is a wrap right there.


-The Bills despite having another full year of Dareus under contract would be wise to extend him sooner rather than later. He is officially among the elite DT’s in the NFL and is the key to the Bills defense now and in the future.


-The Bills are slowly getting better play out of their OL. The running game against the Chiefs actually showed signs of life. Once F.Jackson gets closer to 100% I imagine there will be a pretty drastic improvement in production


-I like J.Hughes but its getting more and more expensive to keep him. I would like to but he may be a player that the Bills have to make a hard choice on.


-I’ve had it with M.Goodwin. Talented no doubt but he is not built for the pounding of the NFL game. He can not make it through a single game now without getting injured. It will be time to move on from him in the offseason


-I don’t think this game removes the Bills from the playoff chase but it hurts as a tie breaker. Reality is Denver and New England are the clear elites in the AFC. Outside of them it’s a jumbled mess of teams that can lose on any Sunday. This is a tough loss but every team in the hunt will eat one like this before the season is over


Quarterly Schedule Look


Chiefs L (5-4)





Overview: The Bills really need to go 3-1 during this stretch to set themselves up for a brutal December stretch run. The loss to the Chiefs hurts a lot and leave little room for error over the next three games. If the Bills come out of this stretch 1-3 they will likely be done in the playoff hunt

Week 8: A Stampede in New Jersey

Mike Watkins




-The Bills from the get go of Sundays game with the Jets were clearly playing at another speed. Geno Smith couldn’t adjust and in a blink of an eye had 3 turnovers and were down 14 points. This may have been the defenses best performance to date. They swarmed the ball all day, suffocated WR’s and confused both Jet QB’s


-The game was very important because it’s against a team that the Bills are clearly more talented then and should win against. They go into the bye at 5-3 and are on track for a playoff run in the second half


-Despite the 20 point victory it was at times a struggle to get there. The game got far closer than it ever should have before half time. The offense sputtered quite a bit and had some confusing play calls. It was pretty clear the Bills had a big advantage in the passing game and the Jets could do little to stop it. Yet Hackett decided to continue to run with Dixon and Brown who were not exactly lighting it up. The win was notched but that doesn’t mean improvements cannot be made. The flow of play calling is something that can be adjusted


-Nigel Bradham had a pretty bad day overall. The intensity is something that can be a useful tool and advantage. However if it’s not controlled it can be used against his team as it was on Sunday


-Preston Brown just keeps getting better and better. If the Bills can bring Spikes back next year along with a healthy Alonso they will have the best LB core they have had in a decade


-Ever since D.Henderson called out S.Gilmore he has taken his game to another level. He still has a misstep here in there but the correction comes far quicker now. It doesn’t snowball into 2 or 3 more plays as it did in the past


-Urbik=Don’t tell me the fans are always wrong…While not a world beater at the OG position Urbik is clearly the best OG on the team and it’s not close. The fact that it took the coaching staff, one of whom is a former OL coach, 7 weeks to figure that out is a little concerning but at least they figured it out


-The Bills front office is in for a tricky negotiation with Dareus. He is living up to the billing of the third overall pick but has some off the field issues. This contract will be a good first test for the front office and ownership. Darues is the cornerstone of the defense and needs to be kept


-I don’t know when or how, but all of a sudden McKelvin found a set of hands. QB’s clearly want to attack him over Gilmore but he is starting to make them pay


-I don’t really see anything out there for the Bills at the trading deadline. I would expect them to be buyers outside of moving Mike Williams for a draft pick. Personally if he isn’t an issue in the locker room I’d rather keep him around


Quarterly Schedule Look


@Detroit W(3-2)

Patriots L(3-3)

Vikings W(4-3)

@Jets W(5-3)


 Overview: The Bills come out of the second quarter 3-1 and 5-3 overall. Anytime you can go 3-1 in a quarter you take it. The Bills are firmly on the playoff track heading into the bye. The schedule. If they can get a 3-1 stretch in the 3 quarter of the schedule it will allow them some breathing room down the stretch if it’s needed.

Week 7: The New Cornerstones Take Charge

Mike Watkins




-The game against the Vikings is a game over the past 14 years that the Bills would normally lose. There was very little that went right for the Bills on Sunday, yet they found a way to win. That has always been the marker of a good team and a team heading in the right direction. Even on your worst day you find a way to beat a team that you should beat


-Sammy Watkins is everything he was advertised to be and more. Yes he will still have his rookie struggles against the elite CB’s in the league, but the Bills look like they have hit on their first rounder from this year. He has already shown that he can be clutch a number of times this year


-This game represents a little bit of the changing of the guard for the Bills in my opinion. A big reason the Bills won this game is because their cornerstones on Offense and Defense showed up and carried them there. Dareus and Watkins are the two players the Bills will build around moving forward. Dareus had it click last year and this year he is even more dominant and living up to the status of being the third overall pick in the draft. It doesn’t matter the scheme anymore Darues just produces. Watkins is not only the most talented player on offense he is already arguably the most talented player on the team.


-Outside of the 3rd and 18 Conversion Gilmore had a very good game. That however is generally how it goes. Gilmore will play lights out CB for long stretches of a game and then lose focus to give up a string of plays. After that 3rd and 18 though, unlike previous games, he clamped right back down again which is a good sign


-The Bills have a real problem at OG right now. Pears has no business being a starter and Richardson is just in over his head at the moment. Richardson could develop into something but he needs an offseason in a NFL Strength and conditioning program. Whether its RG or LG Urbik needs to be inserted back into the lineup. He isn’t a world beater but he is far better than what is out there right now


-The Bills could have an advantage in a 4 WR spread set with the depth they have at WR. However until the Bills can improve the pass protection it’s a risky venture. Mike Williams against an opposing teams 4th CB is a matchup that should tried to be exploited week in and week out


-The Bills S’s are a bit of an issue right now. Outside of Williams, who cannot stay on the field, the group is getting caught in horrible position and taking horrible angles game in and game out.


-The Jackson and Spiller injuries hurt, in fact they hurt a lot. The good news however is unlike last year the Bills are prepared with good depth at the position. I, like many others, applauded the Bills acquiring both Dixon and B.Brown in the offseason. While Jackson and Spiller are certainly a talented duo they tend to be injury prone and injury prone at the same time. The Bills this year despite the injuries will still have 2 quality backs whose styles complement each other


-Jerry Hughes is going to get paid this offseason, and I’m not sure he will be as good anywhere else as he is in Buffalo. Don’t get me wrong I think Hughes is a talented player and I liked him coming out of TCU. The thing is however when teams are looking to double and chip players along the Bills DL his name is likely 4th on that list. Still he is doing his job and winning the one on ones. I hope to keep him but the Bills have to be careful in what they pay him.


Quarterly Schedule Look

@Detroit W(3-2)

Patriots L(3-3)

Vikings W(4-3)



 Overview: The win over the Vikings was important because its important to get out of this 4 game stretch 3-1 for the Bills. They now have a chance to do that against a Jets team that is spiraling but still dangerous. This is a game the Bills should win. They are the more talented team and they have the better QB. All bets are off though with division games. If the Bills can go into the bye 5-3 they will be firmly on the playoff track.  

Week 6:Gap in QB talent the Difference

Mike Watkins




-Once again the biggest difference in the game was the gap in talent at the QB position between the Bills and the Patriots. The Patriots were able to make the plays needed to win while the Bills were not. If you are looking for a silver lining however it’s that the Bills despite numerous turnovers were able to hang with the Patriots all day and were in a position to tie it late in the game


-The Bills really need to look at how they run the ball. First thing that needs to happen in E.Pears needs to be removed from the starting lineup. He has no business being a starting NFL OG and loses the leverage battle nearly every other play. The Bills also need to work on getting Jackson and especially Spiller more space. Far too often the play is too congested. The Bills have too much talent at the RB position to be this bad at it


-A.Williams was sorely missed on Sunday. There was far too much confusion going on in the secondary. One thing the Bills opponents have picked up on is the Bills DB’s have trouble with bunch formations and it really showed on Sunday


-At this point I really don’t want to see Duke Williams take to many more defense of snaps. He was flat out abused all day


-The Bills vaunted DL really missed an opportunity against a banged up Patriots OL. There was not nearly enough pressure on Brady. You let him set up and he will still carve your defense up


-I was away in Europe when it happened and I’m not going to rehash all my opinions on EJ Manuel. If you follow me you know I believe he had no business being a first round pick or every being dubbed as a player that could be a franchise QB. Orton was signed for the exact reason he is playing, to take EJ’s job. He hasn’t been great but it’s not even close between him and EJ. My personal opinion is barring injury EJ Manuel may never take another in season snap again in a Bills uniform.


-I think the Mike Williams thing is odd. First off the fact that the Bills left him off the game day roster for a 2nd Kicker is absurd on multiple levels. You can not tell me you don’t think he can win the matchup between the Patriots 4th and 5th CB’s.


-Carpenter and Schmidt=say it with me folks, YOU NEVER DRAFT A KICKER/PUNTER


Quarterly Schedule Look

@Detroit W(3-2)

Patriots L(3-3)




Overview:The idea is to get out of this four game set 3-1. The Patriots game hurts but the Bills have two very winnable games coming up in which the match up really well with both teams. They are still on track for the playoffs but need to win the games they should win. The Vikings and Jets represent two games they should win heading into the bye

Week 2 Miami: Bills Rookies Come Up Big

Mike Watkins




-You once again pretty much witnessed the same formula of attack for the Bills. Established the run, pick your spots in the passing game, and play stout defense. As long as the Bills can stick to this formula they will get to where they want to go


-Much like the free agent additions last week the rookies played a big part in the win this week. Sammy Watkins had a coming out party of sorts. He showed why he was so highly rated coming out of Clemson by routinely beating Miami defensive backs. Moving forward teams are going to start rolling coverage his way as he showed he cannot be handled one on one. Seantrel Henderson showed why he was such a highly touted recruit coming out of high school. One of the league’s Premier DE, Cameron Wake, had no impact on the game and it was due in large part to Henderson. An honorable mention goes to Preston Brown who led the team in tackles and has been solid as an injury fill in


-Interesting that Miami clearly thought C.Graham was the weak link in the Bills secondary as they went after him early in often. For the second week in a row however Graham stepped up to the challenge


-Most fans will just remember the TD and the pass interference but Gilmore had a very good game otherwise. Miami barely went at Gilmore which says he was doing his job in coverage. The TD he gave up took a hell of a play from a talented WR.


-Spiller justified Marrone’s decision to make him the KR. Miami was starting to get some momentum and then the Bills took it right back with his 102 yard return


-One thing future teams are going to take away from this game is the issue the Bills defense had with the bunch formation in the passing game. Expect every team to give the Bills a heavy dose of this until the Bills show they can stop it


-The Bills have to improve in the Red Zone. Point are points but field goals will eventually end up biting you against better teams.


-A.Williams has drastically improved the Angles he takes from last year to this year. He has also helped with the issue of covering TE’s that the Bills have had big issues with in the past. Clay had 7 receptions but for only 31 yards


EJ Manuel Watch




-Second week in a row showed poise in the pocket

-Placed the ball in good locations all afternoon

-No major mistakes




-Had some drives stall in the red zone. The missed pass to Watkins up the middle was the most notable

-I guess you could say he locked on to Watkins too much and in the future he needs to spread it around. It’s really digging deep but it should be noted


Overall: Good game, for the second week in a row he is playing with in the offense and not trying to be a hero. That may sound like a knock to some but it’s a negative for young QB’s because when they try and be the “hero” they lose site of the game plan and get into bad habits that are hard to break….The arrow is pointing up for the 2nd week in a row


Quarterly Schedule Watch


@Chicago: Win (1-0)

Miami: Win (2-0)

San Diego



-With the Bills sitting at 2 wins they are firmly on the playoff track and on pace to get the 3-1 that would put them in the driver’s seat for a playoff spot. There are two tough games on the horizon but with the Bills play as of late getting a split is reasonable and attainable. Obviously the Bills would do themselves a great favor by getting the win this week against a tough S.D. team. It’s at home and it’s a long trip for them so it’s a winnable game.

It’s all on the Line: A Current Perspective from a 20 Year Fan

Scott Sabatino



Year after year we get no respect. Analysts from all media platforms generally predict us to finish around 8-8, and we do. Until the arrival of Ryan Tannehill it seemed as if there was a new set of hands under center every opening Sunday since Marino left. Besides a few years of consistency with Ronnie Brown and Rickie Williams, part 1 and 2, we haven’t enjoyed much of a running attack. And with the coaching carousel revolving almost as frequently as the quarterbacks, one really has to sit and think to recall every head coach since the great Don Shula left. Top that off with a GM who mostly failed to deliver on draft day the last five years and a bullying scandal that would leave the blind side extremely vulnerable last season, and that lack of respect becomes very clear and justified.


The Miami Dolphins were tasked with beginning this season in a situation rarely seen in the NFL, they started an entirely new offensive line. This cut and paste unit consists of five Dolphin players who weren’t even on the roster last year, including veterans Brandon Albert, Shelley Smith, Daryn Colledge, and Samson Satele, replacing the injured Mike Pouncey. Rounding out the group is rookie first round draft pick Ja'Wuan James. The pressure on this line in 2014 seems almost insurmountable. The fate of third year quarterback Ryan Tannehill almost certainly lies in the hands of the men he lines up behind, and the same can be said about head coach Joe Philbin.


Miami boasts a receiving core jam packed with talent. Hartline, Wallace, Gibson, Landry (who backup quarterback Matt Moore said has the best hands he’s ever seen), Matthews, and Clay, all have the potential to make big plays at any moment and pose a serious threat to defenses throughout the league. Completing passes, converting first downs, and scoring points will all hinge on whether or not the front five can manage to protect the (Tanne)Hill. In addition, keeping Tannehill upright will hopefully allow him the time to show the world that Mike Wallace is just as good and can still produce like he did during his Pittsburgh days.


As for the run game, Knowshon Moreno and Lamar Miller are leading the attack. Moreno is coming off a career year in Denver, but is marred by those who attribute his success to playing alongside Manning. Nonetheless, Moreno is a tough player who runs hard and whose pass blocking skills will certainly help out in the Miami backfield. Miller, not necessarily by any fault of his own, has yet to realize his full potential. While spending the summer of 2013 working out with other NFL running backs, fellow Miami Hurricane alum, Frank Gore, stated that Miller is the fastest back he’s ever seen come out of the U.


Unfortunately, if you’re stuck behind a line that can’t create lanes for you to find space and turn it up, then you’re fighting a losing battle. Through the first week of the season the Miami run attack, mostly by way of Moreno, racked up nearly 200 yards rushing against the mighty Patriots. The protection held up for most of the day, with Tannehill only being taken down once. However, a fair amount of bad throws revealed that there’s still work to be done.


There’s lots of talent on the field in South Florida as well as potential to do big things. If this offensive line can become a cohesive unit, and play in sync with one another similar to how they did in the opener, then there’s no telling how far this team can go. But as for the fate of other players and coaches, salaries, jobs, completions, yardage, touchdowns, wins and losses, one thing remains constant………it’s all on the line.

Placing Football to The Side for a Moment...9/11...

While today, September 11th, has meaning across the country I’ve found that living in New York City the past couple years it has a little more meaning. It’s a somber day for most and especially where I work in downtown Manhattan. It’s a day to remember the events that took place and honor those who passed by thinking about them in a moment of silence.


I believe everyone should take a moment today and remember the events but I would also encourage everyone to also use it as a moment of self-reflection. To remind oneself of what is important in life and how we spend our time that is so very short on this planet. It’s a day to remember every day and every moment counts because you never know when it will be taken away….

College Football Thoughts Week 2

Mike Watkins



-Its pretty clear after 2 games that E.Golson did not spend his year away from the team on the couch. He looks like he spent a ton of time improving his throwing motion and overall self as a passer. He looks like a completely different player than he was 2 years ago. Golson has the presence and the passing ability to be one of the better QB’s in college. As far as a draft grade goes, he was once considered a day 3 prospect. He is now firmly in day 2 and moving upward

-Andrus Peat looks like the complete package to at LT. Many think Ogbuehi has the top OT in the 2015 NFL Draft locked up but I think the race is far from over

-DE Leonard Williams for USC on a sprained ankle against Stanford is still better than 99% of the DE’s in college who are fully healthy. I think he did his draft status a lot of good fighting through that injury and producing

-I like the way CB Ekpre-Olomu from Oregon plays the game. He’s solid in every facet of the game and makes plays. Reminds me a lot of A.Winfield

-Funches, the TE masquerading as a WR at Michigan, will be the top TE on the board come April. He has a great set of hands and plays the position with physicality

-Ty Montgomery is the multidimensional offensive weapon that Sunday coaches are looking for these days. The success of C.Patterson and P.Harvin helps raise his draft standing

-Seriously, what has happened to Texas Longhorn football? The mighty have without a doubt fallen….Charlie Strong will get them back on track however.

-USC is good, they are not top 10 good though

-I have Oregon as the number one team in the nation right now. I don’t see how you can’t. Last season doesn’t matter to me and they took care of a talented Michigan State team.

-In the Final 4 Texas A&M vs Oregon is a game I want to see

Player I like for the Bills in the 2015 NFL Draft: DT Malcom Brown, Texas-Despite the Longhorns getting demolished by BYU Brown was impressive in the game. He showed extremely quick hands and feet of the snap. He was often in the backfield for most of the game. He was the one Texas player that no matter what BYU threw at him he beat. He showed that he can beat IOL’s with both a bulls rush and speed. He keeps putting games like that together and he is going to rocket up boards.

Top 5 Teams


2.Florida State


4.Texas A&M


A New Era in Buffalo

by Anthony D. Macari @nflwarroom

Today, September 9, 2014, marks a historic day in Buffalo Bills history. Fresh off of a scintillating and surprising season opening road overtime victory, the Wilson Trust has official announced it has come to terms on the sale of the franchise. Terry and Kim Pegula have clearly expressed and indicated that the future of the Bills will be in Western New York for as long as they are owners. After years of angst among Bills fans worrying about what would happen once founding owner Ralph Wilson passed, it is time to collectively breath a sigh of relief. The Bills indeed are here to stay. 

The new owners clearly put their money where their mouth is beating out two other high profile known bidders. The Toronto/Bon Jovi Group would have been a disaster for Western New York. No words would have convinced Western New Yorkers that they intended to keep the team in Buffalo. Thankfully, they either did not have the resources or where unwilling to take the same kind of financial risk the Pegulas did. The other know bidder I personally know and have a tremendous amount of respect for. Mr. Trump would have been a tremendous owner for the Bills and would have first, kept them in Buffalo and second would have worked tirelessly to produce a winner. With Mr. Trump at the helm, the Bills would be headline makers and certainly would never be rendered irrelevant again. However, Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring for the two reasons he enters into any business, first because he knows he can make it successful as an operation and second because he knows he can make it successful as a business. The latter is the reason he was not willing to exceed a $1 Billion bid. 

If reports are true that Terry and Kim Pegula made a record $1.4 Billion bid to purchase the Bills, then it is clear it was done not as a pure business move, but out of a passion to keep the Bills in the community they have come to love and call their own. As owners of the Sabres, as parents raising their children in Buffalo and for Terry, a woman who grew up in Western New York they clearly went all in leading with their heart. They themselves are fans and what more can we ask than having the team owned by one of our own. 

One important thing we as Bills fans should do today before we turn the page on a suddenly much brighter future is look back and give tremendous praise to Ralph and Mary Wilson. Over the years, many doubted Ralph would protect the community as much as his family upon his passing. Many speculated his death would most certainly mean the team would be scooped up by a carpet bagger with nothing but greed in their eyes and little loyalty or concern for a fan base that lives and dies with every win and loss. The fear was an outsider would come in who did not understand that the Bills are Buffalo and Buffalo is the Bills. However, Mr. Wilson understood. You see, ultimately he too was one of us. He would make sure to protect his family's interest along with his community's. He left in place a system that assured the team would remain Western New York's team, hell, New York's team. Even NYC native Donald Trump understood that. 

Now the hard work begins. The season will play out and hopefully the Bills coaches, players and management will prove no changes are needed. Russ Brandon, Doug Whaley and Doug Marrone need to prove over the next 15 weeks that the right people are in place and a winner is being built on the field. I doubt any changes be made before the end of the season, but if this team fails once again to produce, the new owners need to look long and hard at the record of those that have been entrusted with running this team and decide if they are the ones to get the Bills over the top and back to its winning ways.

Today is a good day. Filled with optimism and a strange sense of security for a fan base used to waiting for the other shoe to drop. What better way to welcome the new owners than with a loud and insane crowd rooting the Buffalo Bills to victory at home at Ralph Wilson Stadium against the hated Miami Dolphins. Your time may finally be here Buffalo, let the rest of the league know we are here to stay on Sunday!

Week 1 @ Chicago: Bills FA'cy focus on depth pays early dividends

Mike Watkins




-What the Bills showed on offense Sunday is pretty much there exact formula they will use to try and win games. Hammer opposing defenses with the run and have Manuel be efficient in the passing game. I had mention in the off season that while the whole league seems to be going toward wide open fast paced passing attacks the Bills seem to be trying get ahead of the next trend and that is to grind these opposing defenses down in the run game. The Bills totaled 193 yards and let 3 RB’s have a go at it on Sunday. If they can keep it up and add one or two explosive plays from their WR core they will be in good shape


-The Bills depth was one of the main reasons this game was won. If this was last year’s Bills missing Gilmore would have led to Brooks, Robey, and or Rogers getting abused by the Bears taller physical WR’s (See the Jets game last year in New Jersey). The Bills took the money they would have spent on Byrd and made the roster longer. One of those additions is C.Graham and his addition is already paying early dividends. He was able to step in, man Gilmores spot, and make some plays. Now when Gilmore comes back Graham moves back and the Bills are able to handle almost any spread formation


-Manuel did a good job spreading the Ball around to his WR’s, it’s pretty clear though he and Woods are most in Synch


-The Screen game is going to be tough to pull off this year because of what the Bills have at OG. Neither Pears nor Williams are good enough in space for screens to be run effectively


-The Defense played well but they were really exposed in one area and that’s having a LB that can cover a RB. Forte was having a field day with this in the second half of the game. This is where the Bills really miss Kiko Alonso. Hopefully when Bradham returns he will have better luck


-That missed interception is a microcosm of McKelvins career. All the athletic ability in the world to be in the right place but never makes the big play


-There were some miscommunication in the pass defense but that is to be expected in the early going with a new scheme. Overall I thought the secondary did well against a set of WR’s and TE’s that in years past would have had field days against them


-A.Williams injury is one to keep an eye on. The Bills have some depth at S but missing Williams for any extended period of time would be a real blow to the defense


-I thought for a rookie S.Henderson had a nice opening game. He made some rookie mistakes but for the most part held his own.


EJ Manuel Watch:



-Showed much better pocket presence than he did in the preseason

-Made the plays that need to be made. The Mike Williams connection in OT was Clutch

-Improving on his fakes



-Still needs some work on his accuracy. The WR’s made some real acrobatic receptions Sunday but you cannot count on that every week and those will eventually lead to injuries

-Had a stretch where the offense stalled. It’s unrealistic to expect points every time but the minimum should be to get a first down or two. The 3 and outs compounded on one another really put the defense in a bad position


Overall: Not a bad game, he made the plays that needed to be made. The arrow is pointing up


Quarterly Schedule Watch




San Diego



-Heading into the game I said for the Bills to be on a solid playoff track it would be ideal for them to come out of this 4 game stretch 3-1. 2-2 they would still be on the right path but a little shakier. 1-3 would not bode well for their playoff hopes. A win on the road in the Bears home opener is a nice score for the Bills and relieves some pressure moving forward. Win one of the next 3 and the Bills are still on the right path. Get both homes games and the Bills are cooking with gas in the playoff hunt. Notching a win against a division opponent in the home opener would be a great get. It also would give the Bills some breathing room heading into a tough S.D. matchup  

2014 Buffalo Bills Projection

Mike Watkins







Week 1 at Bears: Loss (0-1)

Week 2 Dolphins: Win (1-1)

Week 3 Chargers: Loss (1-2)

Week 4 at Texans: Loss (1-3)

Week 5 at Lions: Loss (1-4)

Week 6 Patriots: Loss (1-5)

Week 7 Vikings: Win (2-5)

Week 8 at Jets: Loss (2-6)

Week 9: Bye

Week 10 Chiefs: Win (3-6)

Week 11 at Dolphins: Loss (3-7)

Week 12 Jets: Win (4-7)

Week 13 Browns: Win (5-7)

Week 14 at Broncos: Loss (5-8)

Week 15 Packers: Loss (5-9)

Week 16 at Raiders: Win (6-9)

Week 17 at Patriots: Loss (6-10)




-I assumed EJ Manuel as the starting QB for the entire season


-I think the defense is going to carry this team. I liked what I saw out of the unit in the preseason. For the first time since the 90’s the Bills look like they will have at least a respectable run defense which would be a great breath of fresh air. If they can force opposing offenses into passing situations allowing the Bills DL to take over it’s going to frustrate a lot of opposing teams


-The Big concern is offense at this point, more specifically the QB spot. I’m going to assume the Bills staff is smart enough to ride their deep stable of RB’s while EJ tries to figure it out. The group runs three deep and if they can control the clock, rest their defense, and grind down opposing defenses that will be their recipe for wins


-Opposing defenses game plan will be pretty straight forward. They are going to look to choke off the Bills running game and short passing game. They will hedge their bet that EJ not being able to beat them by making him throw the intermediate and deep routes. It will be critical in each game for EJ to complete a couple of these throws early and in each quarter. If he can do this it will back the defense off the run and allow the Bills to take advantage of their WR’s, most of whom specialize in YAC


-Opposing offenses game plan will first revolve around making the Bills prove that they can actually defend the run. If they can’t expect a heavy dose game after game until the Bills shore it up. In the passing game look for QB’s to attack the middle of the field where Spikes most likely will be and deep on the edges. The Bills starting CB’s haven’t shown great deep ball skills to this point so expect QB’s to attack that early and often. With the new focus on contact past 5 yards it only improves the likelihood of a positive play for opposing offenses. Long story short for the Bills, they have to show some drastic improvement in the run defense department to have any shot at getting where they want to go.


-The Kiko Alonso injury shouldn’t be downplayed in impact. To me it’s the difference between the defense being good and possibly elite. They will miss him the run game but the passing game is where the impact will truly be felt. The Bills do not really have another LB with his skill set to line up in Nickel and Dime and be effective


-If the season does play out like I have it listed above I expect the trade rumblings around CJ Spiller to really amp up before the deadline. As a rental player, at his age, at his position, with the current draft forecast at his position the return will not likely be great. To a playoff team however he will have value as that offensive spark they need, so I expect the Bills to get some calls


-I think the Bills will play a really tight game against the Bears. The problem for the Bills is they are on the road, which recent history doesn’t favor them, and they are playing a team in their home opener which makes it more difficult to come away with a W. Overall I like the match up for the Bills because I think they are better than the Bears in both trenches. I think it will be a tight game


-I see a split with the Dolphins and Jets. I think the Bills have more talent than both but Division games are tough and the road is not kind to the Bills


-I like the Bills against the Chiefs coming off a bye. I think the Chiefs are in for a letdown year. Plus I can see the Bills DL having their way with a much downgraded Chiefs OL


-Watch out for the week 16 game against the Raiders. That may look like an easy W for the Bills but the Bills have historically not played well on the west coast


-The overall talent on the team is very good and deep. The problem is the one position I think the Bills have the least amount of talent happens to be by far the most important position in the field. Based on what I saw last year and what I’ve seen through the preseason I really can’t see this team getting more than 6 maybe 7 wins max. It was only preseason and maybe it clicks for him once the season gets going. You also add in the threat of a QB behind him that could realistically take his job and that could give him the wakeup call that he needs. The pressure is squarely on EJ Manuel to step up and produce, this team will go as far as he takes them. The time is now for EJ


Rest of the AFC East



The Patriots in my opinion are heading into the first year of the two years they have left in a phenomenal decade and a half run. With a healthy Gronk and a resupplied defense I think this is the best shot the Patriots have at a Super Bowl title since their 18-1 season. I think Patriot fans should enjoy it because after next year I believe they will see sweeping changes and enter into something they have not seen in a very long time, rebuilding.


That said I think they are the favorite to come out of the AFC this year. Denver will give them a run for their money but even with recent history I trust Tom Brady more than Peyton Manning in a big game. I also believe that the entire Patriot organization can see the sun setting on them and will be extra motivated to squeeze out one more ring


I expect another AFC East title is on the way for the Patriots




I think the Dolphins moved in the right direction this offseason with a new OC who fits Tannehill style far better than with Mike Sherman. Tannehill to me can be a very effective QB in the short and intermediate routes. He has a quick release that did not get utilized that much in his previous two years. Sherman tried to make him a 5 and 7 step drop QB and that’s not who he is. In this new offense Tannehill can play to his strengths and spray the ball more, plus the fewer step drops negate the OL weakness far more. Unfortunately for the Dolphins Mike Wallace has no business being in this type of offense. I suspect it will be the last year in South Beach for him.


The defense will still be stout for Miami but overall I am not a fan of their roster. I think they over spent on a pair of LB’s last year to improve an area that didn’t need improving. You could actual argue that they downgraded at the position.


I expect around a .500 year for the Dolphins




The national media loves the coaches and roster far more than I do. If you follow me you know that I feel Rex Ryan is one of the most overrated coaches in the league. He is labeled a defensive mastermind and I’ll admit he does know that side of the ball. I do not think he knows it as well as he’s given credit for because he sinks the vast majority of his hind assets into that side of the ball that leaves the offense talent dry. This year will take an extra effort from him on defense because his scheme relies on the ability of its CB’s to play on an island, it is lacking some serious talent in that area.


On offense they will move back to the ground and pound formula that led to Rex early success. Issue is this time around I don’t think they have the talent on the offensive line to sustain it. They added Decker but I still don’t like what they have at the WR position. No one they have warrants any type of double team. Even with all that said it comes down to Geno Smith. If it clicks for him it will wash away a lot of their ills. I would say it’s a long shot at this point that it does, but not impossible.


I expect the Jets to finish last in the AFC East

College football thoughts week 1

Mike Watkins





1.This year is the year the RB returns to college football and the 2015 draft will be known for the same thing. With so many teams becoming pass happy defenses have had to adjust by getting smaller and faster. Offenses are starting to adjust back by heading to the ground to take advantage of the smaller defenders. You could for the first time in a while see a number of RB’s in the running for the Heisman and selected in the first round.


2. M.Gordon and TJ Yeldon are my top 2 RB’s heading into the year but I may have to rethink my thoughts on Gurley from Georgia. For his first two seasons he never really took conditioning seriously and looked sluggish at times. That however is not the case this year. Gurley looks like he is in phenomenal shape and ready to make a serious run at the Heisman and possible put Georgia on his back on the way to the playoffs. I used to compare him to Ron Dayne, I’ve since updated they comparison to Eddie George


3. The QB I go the most back and forth on is Bryce Petty from Baylor. Sometimes I think he is a top 15 pick and other times I think he is a late second. I’ll likely go back and forth on him all year. Hopefully the back injury is nothing serious


4.JW Walsh from Oklahoma State is a QB to keep an eye on. I liked what I saw against Florida State. He has a good throwing motion and showed some toughness


5.I said last year Mariota is my top rated QB and that is still the case this year


6. AJ Johnson can play on my team any day. The senior Vols LB is a guy that you can count on and is a team leader. While he leaves a little to be desired in the pass defense department you can’t question his heart or his relentless style


7. Alabama can worry about their new offensive coordinator all they want, and he wasn’t great but good enough on Saturday. The real issue however is that defense. They must play better if Alabama want to get where they want to go


8. I just can’t buy into UCLA at this point and I couldn’t before Saturday either. To me there is something off with Hundley. I feel he should be better than he is and I keep expecting and wanting to see more from him. I never get to see it though


Player I like for the Bills in the 2015 Draft: OG John Miller, Louisville- Miller was putting on a show for the first few drives of the game. He showed everything you want to see in a OG. He was quick on the pull, strong at the POA and played well in space


Top 5 teams





4.Texas A&M


Thoughts on The Kyle Orton Addition

Mike Watkins




Late last night EJ Manuel got a jolt of reality and had the pressure amped up him even more, the Bills added veteran QB Kyle Orton to the fold. A move that is very telling about the current mindset and state of this franchise. It’s also a reaction to 5 games that are supposed to mean nothing.


Marrone and Whaley have been around long enough in this league to know what they saw unfolding in front of them through 5 preseason games was unsettling at best. They saw a first team offense they couldn’t score a single TD despite numerous talented skill position players. They also saw a QB making dangerous throws to those skill players putting them in a position to get injured


The fans also saw the same thing and as can be expected the excuses started flowing as they did for Losman, Bledsoe, and Johnson before him. It’s Hackett, it’s the OL, it’s the preseason so its vanilla. Problem was it is none of those things as it hasn’t been in the past. No the problem is EJ Manuel. He has shown no progress from last year to this year and it could actually be argued that he has regressed. He is having trouble executing a vanilla scheme and playbook compounded with an inability to read defenses topped off with erratic at best accuracy. These issues go beyond the preseason and are not all of a sudden going to be cured when the regular season begins and the speed and pressure in the games gets maxed out times 100.

The Doug’s are not blind, they could see it. With a win now mentality something had to be done. So they scampered and they are able to add Kyle Orton. Orton who isn’t anything to write home about is still a competent vet who can manage games to wins if he has a good ground game and a good defense. He is this generations Kelly Holcomb, though I would say he is a little better.

The move is a wake up call to EJ because if you are EJ you do not want to ever see Orton take the field. If he does you may never take another live regular season snap in a Bills uniform again. Orton does a lot of what EJ can not do and that is be accurate on the short and intermediate throws. That is key because the game plan is simple at the moment against the Bills. Stop the run and make EJ beat you with his arm. More specifically with the intermediate or check down throws.

Make no mistake about it Orton is not here to mentor a young EJ Manuel. Orton is here to take his job. There is a reason he waited it out to see how the QB situations unfolded around the league. Manuel needs to understand this and realize that its put up or shut up time as the starting QB for the Buffalo Bills

Labor Day and the NFL, Missed Opportunity

Mike Watkins




One thing I think the NFL drops the ball on is not having its opening weekend on Labor Day weekend. It seems like the perfect marriage of two events. On the one side you have the unofficial end of summer and on the other you have the beginning of the NFL which is linked to the fall season. It seems like the marketing possibilities could be endless with this and I am surprised the NFL does not take advantage of it.


    When I was a kid Labor Day was the weekend that football started. The NFL moved it because of two reasons. The first was they wanted to put the Super Bowl into February for sweeps and the Second is they wanted to get the game off of Labor Day weekend because of some sagging TV ratings. A lot has changed since these decisions were made. The NFL is now such a juggernaut that you can literally put it anywhere and it’s going to dominate the TV ratings


 I understand that money talks and that’s the main reason they want to get the Super Bowl into a sweeps month. However I believe there is just as much if not more money to be made on Labor Day weekend. You could start the games on Thursday night and have one game a night into Sunday’s full slate of games, into Sunday night and cap it with a Monday night game. With no work on Monday you would appease all the fan bases because they can have parties as well as bars could market their specials around the 3 day weekend driving up the prices of commercial space from the TV commercials/ticket to the licensing of beer sales and specials.


 This would also be the way the NFL gets to what they truly want, an 18 game schedule. The Labor Day opening idea can be sold to both the owners and NFLPA easily in my opinion. You would also still have the benefit of landing the Super Bowl in the sweeps month of February. You sell to the players that it will drive up revenue which will drive up cap room which in turn drives up the cap floor, meaning more money spent on players.


 I personally hope the NFL one day realizes the potential to moving the opening day to Labor Day. They have made a few attempts to get that magic that baseball has with its opening day. To this point they have fallen a bit flat. That’s why I want and expect the NFL to one day again plant their flag on Labor Day weekend to claim it as their own

Preseason Quick Look: IOL

Mike Watkins




Eric Wood: I wouldn’t call Wood elite but he is good to very good week in and week out. He is the only stable force in the middle of the OL which lately has a revolving door at OG since the coaching switch to Marrone. Wood is very valuable to the Bills and their success in that he is able to handle the bigger NT in the AFC East. He has shaken off some early career injury issues and really settled into a team leader role.


Chris Williams: The Bills coaching staff and front office see something in Williams that I just don’t. I didn’t like the signing when it happened and 3 games into the preseason I still don’t like it. Williams is going to be a problem for the Bills. I expect him at some point this year to have his job taken from him. Lucky for the Bills his contract will be relatively easy to get rid of in the offseason.


Kraig Urbik: For some reason the Bills staff just does not like Urbik. While he is nothing special he is not the biggest issue this OL has or has had. He’s an average player who you can count on to at least be decent week in and week out. I can see the Bills wanting to upgrade but given what is on the roster it’s hard to believe that he won’t see a good amount of playing time


Cyril Richardson: Richardson was one of my favorite draft picks in this years draft. He needs some work on technique but he has a lot of what you like in an NFL OG and especially for a team that likes to run the ball as much as the Bills do. He likely won’t start the year as a starter but it wouldn’t surprise me if he finished the year as one. He has a bulldozer mentality that Marrone likes


Doug Legursky: Legursky has value in that he can play all 3 IOL positions a relatively respectable level. That aspect alone will make him a favorite to make the roster. He has a bit of jack of all trades master of none to him. He plays with a good mean streak but for a guy his size he gets pushed around a little too easily at times. As far as backups go the Bills could do worse.


JJ Unga: I had high hopes heading into the preseason for Unga. I like his size and his nasty streak. I however just haven’t seen him put it together consistently. Injuries could put him on the roster but at this point it doesn’t look like he will make it


Antoine McClain: McClain has looked ok at times and still could push Legursky. However I think he is on the outside looking in at this point


Jared Wheeler: Good size but no shot at the 53, playing for a practice squad spot


Macky MacPherson: Former Syracuse player under Marrone. Is undersized for what the Bills are currently looking for on the OL. Decent technician and is playing for a practice squad position


Overview: Outside of Eric Wood the Bills have a lot of questions marks at the OG spot. With Glenn and Henderson settling in at the OT spots the Bills are trying anyone and everyone at both OG spots hoping that someone steps up and grabs the opportunity. The Bills best outcome is if the rookie Richardson steps up as a rookie and mans at least one of the positions. That would be the best thing for the Bills now and in the future. The OG position like last year will likely have a revolving door look to it for the whole season

Preseason Quick Look: CB

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256)



Stephon Gilmore: Gilmore has had a bit of an up and down career so far. He has had a couple mental hiccups that all young CB’s have. He has also looked like a shutdown CB that he was drafted to be during stretches also. He looked great in preseason last year before he was robbed of the beginning of the season with a wrist injury and never really got into form. This is an important year for Gilmore. If you could draw up what a shutdown CB would look like physically you would draw Gilmore. He has the ability but he needs to put it all together. What isn’t helping is he has been in a different defensive scheme every year he has been in the league. With that said the best are the best in any defense. I expect for it to be a slow start but by the end of the year Gilmore will finally be reaching his potential as a top tier CB.


Leodis McKelvin: McKelvin had a decent year last year and finally found himself in a scheme built for his abilities. My hope is that Schwartz continues to build off of what seem to bring out the best in McKelvin last year. He is one of the most athletic players I have witnessed play, but still he still has the nasty habit of being in position all the way until the final moment when the ball arrives. I hope the new Bills staff can finally correct it for him


Nickell Robey: Robey is the nickel CB that the Bills seem to have spent a decade looking for to handle the likes of WR’s like Wes Welker who have historically killed the Bills over that decade plus time period. Ironically they find Robey and Welker leaves the East for the West in the AFC. None the less, Robey has a tremendous feel for the game and excellent quickness. He can be exposed a bit against bigger WR’s and on the outside. He doesn’t belong in either of those spots and will have a nice career as a nickel DB which in today’s NFL is consider a starter


Corey Graham: Graham was a nice addition to this roster. He could push McKelvin to start but it’s much more likely he will be a good special teams player and quality depth, which is what he is at this point. I don’t think Graham is a 16 game starter but he can get you through a couple weeks if injury does strike, which it did last year for the Bills. You could argue that the CB injuries cost the Bills at least two games last year due to a lack of depth. Graham hopefully provides some prevention against that same circumstance


Ron Brooks: Brooks is putting together a decent camp but the question will always remain with him if he can stay healthy enough to capitalize on it. That question will always linger with him because he likes to play bigger than he is and that makes him a bit injury prone. I like Brooks much more as a FS but it doesn’t look like the Bills are willing to give him a look there. He is a decent to good special teamer and that may be the way he finds his way on the roster


Ross Cockrell: Cockrell brings a very high football IQ to the table and the ability to be cross trained throughout the secondary. He was one of the key reasons the Duke football program turned around in recent years. I think that he is going to need a year before he can really contribute in anyway. I see him making the team but seeing the field mostly on special teams


Mario Butler: Butler has good size and speed but he makes a good amount of mental mistakes and his lack of short area quickness really hurts him against premier route runners. I’d say less than 50/50 shot and he’d have to light it up on Special Teams


Kamaal Mcilwain: Good measurable but it will be tough to crack the 53 at this point. Of the CB’s at the bottom he is the front runner for the Practice Squad 


Bobby Felder: No real Shot at the roster. Will be in that cluster fighting for a practice squad spot


Sam Miller: No real shot at the roster. He is playing for a practice squad spot at this point


Overview: The position has a good amount of potential. If Gilmore can take the next step then the group could become close to elite. They have a good starting 3 and unlike last year they have some depth to get them through some injuries. If I am the Bills I feel really comfortable about this position heading into the season. If you are Schwartz you have to be near thrilled given you now have vastly more talent at CB than all the years in Detroit combined

Preseason Quick Look: OT

Mike Watkins




Cordy Glenn: I’ve already written that before the Bills drafted Sammy Watkins Glenn was the Bills most talented offensive player and their MVP on offense for the 2013 NFL season. Glenn has some sort of illness that has sidelined him for the beginning of training camp. It has recently been reported that it will not keep Glenn out for the entire camp and he should be ready for the start of the season. This is important because the Bills look like they have found their LT of now and the future. Glenn is a devastating run blocker and his pass blocking is catching up quickly.


Erik Pears: Pears to me was not as big a weak link as RG was last season but he was a very close second. I would call Pears a good run blocker, an ok pass blocker against power, and a poor pass blocker against speed. The reality is Pears should be a quality backup in the NFL, he really shouldn’t be a 16 game starter. The Bills were able to hide him in previous years by scheming around his weakness of speed rushers by getting the ball out quickly. I expect him to start the year as the starter but I don’t see him finishing the year as the starter


Cyrus Kouandjio: Cyrus has a chip on his shoulder heading into camp and his rookie season. Many thought had him as a first round draft pick and possible top 15 selection when the college season ended. Cyrus run blocking may already be on a NFL level but his pass blocking is not. Cyrus has always been the biggest player on the team and most the time the field. So he is used to overpowering players. The problem with that however is that he has never learned or mastered proper technique. He has a chance to be the starter at the end of the year but will be a work in progress


Seantrel Henderson: Everyone knows the story with Henderson, the talent is there but is the mental part and dedication? So far the early returns are good for Henderson. He has impressed at camp, with no problems off the field, and he seems to have taken to Doug Marrone and his style. If the Bills hit on what was a 7th round flier in Henderson, it will go a long way in seeing big improvements in the offense as a whole. Expect Henderson and Kouandjio to be in a battle all year to see who takes over for Pears. I would say Henderson has the inside track at this point


Chris Hairston: I’m including Hairston in the OT group even though he has seen a ton of time at OG during camp. Hairston is in competition for two roles on this team right now, starting OG and utility back up OL. I think he has a very strong shot at either. That said I think Hairston makes the roster as the utility OL for the team. That position has value because not every team has a player like that that can step in at 4 out of 5 OL spots and hold it down for a few games


Edawn Coughman: Coughman is a camp body at this point. I really don’t see him making the roster nor the practice squad. He’d be an emergency street player if injuries ravage the position


Overview: There is a lot of questions surrounding the position right now. If Glenn picks up where he left off and Henderson or Kouandjio step up and become a good starting RT then the Bills will have a good pair of bookend OT’s. However the opposite is also true, if Glenn is sicker then we are being told and the rookies play like rookies the position could really fall apart. The depth is ok but not strong enough to absorb big losses.

Dear Mr. Bon Jovi …. My reply letter to John Bongiovi, Jr.

Dear Mr. John Bongiovi Jr,


I would like to say that I appreciate the letter that you had published in the Buffalo News on Sunday but I can’t, I don’t appreciate it. In fact I don’t appreciate how much you have underestimated this city, the passion of the Bills fan base, and now their intelligence with that hollow letter.


 You see Mr.Bongiovi Jr you, and your bid partners, seem to have greatly underestimate the passion this city has for this team. Buffalo has seen better days and they have seen worse days. One of the constant things the city can look forward to year in and year out is watching the Red, White, and Blue uniforms of the Buffalo Bills march out on that field in the fall to represent this small city and community in a world that is becoming more geared every day to the bigger markets and cities. It can be hard for someone like you and your partners to grasp that concept not being from the area, but I assure you it is a pride and a passion that you have never seen nor clearly understand.


Your actions are what the Bills fan base is reacting to. When the rumors first came out that you were looking to buy the team with a pair of investors from Toronto and subsequently move the Bills to Toronto nothing was said. There was no letter, there was no press conference saying you wanted to keep the Bills in Buffalo if you were fortunate enough to purchase them, just your silent actions.

Then it broke that your group was looking at stadium locations in the Toronto area with a game plan of get the team first and figure out how to move the team later. The media and fan base became louder and more vocal about your intentions with the Bills and still it seems you had hoped it would all go away by saying nothing. Problem is that is where you underestimated this fan base once again. 

You then had Andre Reed, a player who put it all on the line for this city and team question your intentions. Not until that and realizing that this speculation of your bid groups plan did you feel forced to write and have published a letter that says and means nothing. Apparently you seem to think this fan base will all of a sudden become quiet after your attempt at good PR with that letter. I can assure you of one thing Mr. Bongiovi Jr, they will certainly not.

In closing Mr. John Bongiovi Jr., it is clear as day that you and your partners underestimated this fan base and city from the moment you showed interest in acquiring the beloved team of this proud city. You also greatly overestimated the support you would have in moving the team out of this country. I would like to say there is something you can do that would prove that you and your partners want to keep this team in Buffalo for as long as there is a Buffalo and an NFL. However, there is not, because this fan base and myself Do Not Believe you.


A fan of Buffalo and the Bills (#BillsMafia)

Preseason Quick Look: LB

Mike Watkins




Kiko Alonso: Absolutely brutal injury for the Bills this offseason. Alonso exceeded all possible expectations last year. As a rookie he was one of the better LB in the league and had the whole Buffalo area buzzing about his bright future. The Bills who had been trying to find a young 3 down stalwart LB looks like they finally have found what they have been looking for. Despite his injury Alonso still has a bright future ahead of him and I look forward to seeing him back on the field in 2015


Brandon Spikes: I’ll admit I’m not a real big Spikes fan. I think the league has changed in such a way the two down thumper LB is more of a liability than an asset. However at what the Bills signed him for I can see why they are more than willing to take the risk. The Bills defense has been known for and consistent about one thing this century, they are flat out horrible against the run. Spikes should provide a boost in that area to finally stop the flood of RB’s having career days against the Bills. I actually think this will likely turn into a long term relationship for both sides though, Spikes and Schwartz are almost made for each other. Plus as much flack as Buffalo gets for not being a prime destination for players, once they do come here, there is a long track record of those same players not wanting to leave the area.


Nigel Bradham: It’s make or break time for Bradham in Buffalo, and it’s not starting off the right way with a one game suspension. Bradham physically is nearly a perfect design of what you want in a LB. While he has made some slow gains as a player thus far it’s time that he either makes the leap to the next level or the Bills must move on from him. I think the potential is there for him to be a solid starter in this league and at worst a good back up. He just needs to get his head on straight and finally put it all together.


Keith Rivers: Rivers is a solid NFL LB who can fill in at all three LB spots. I liked the signing when it happened because I believed him to be a great fit as depth on the roster and a vet the younger players could lean on. Due to the Alonso injury the Bills will have to cash in on this depth a lot sooner and for a lot more time than anticipated. Rivers at this point in his career isn’t going to wow anyone. You can however count on him to be where he is supposed to be and hold the fort down. In this league that has value


Preston Brown: With Alonso out Brown is getting some looks at OLB. It’s worth trying at this point but his true spot is roaming the middle of the field. Brown had a solid college career and is much in the mold of B.Spikes but with a little higher upside when it comes to defending the pass. With the Bradham suspension and the Alonso injury he is likely going to get his first start week 1. So the opportunity is there to impress right from the get go. Hopefully for him and the Bills he seizes it and gives them no reason to take him off the field the rest of the year


Randell Johnson: Johnson is a real raw athlete the Bills took a chance on in the 7th round. They have tried him at a couple spots such as DE and OLB. I think he is a bit of a long shot to make the roster unless he really flashes on special teams. I think Johnson is a project for the Bills that they hope to stash on the practice squad for the year. There is a lot to like about him athletically so I think a year from now he will be getting a much more serious look


Jimmy Gaines: Gaines is the local product that entered camp as a long shot to make the roster. The thing about that however is he is putting together a nice training camp. Gaines has already made some nice plays and is showing a good all-around skill set. I think he still has to make the team via special teams play but as of right now I think he is a lock for at minimum a practice squad spot. He may very well sneak onto the 53 if he keeps his upward trend momentum at camp going


Sylvester Stevenson: Stevenson has 4 years in the league so that gives him a little better shot at the roster. He has received some first team reps and flashed here and there much like every other LB not named Spikes or Rivers to date. I think he has a decent shot at the roster given his experience in the league


Ty Powell: Powell is an interesting player. He shows flashes here and there but can never seem to put it all together. I think he is a high effort player that will show enough to make the roster however. He does well on special teams and the snaps he has taken he doesn’t look completely lost. 50/50 shot and special teams play could be the difference


Xavius Boyd: Real long shot to make the roster. Would have to make an impression on Special Teams for consideration


Jacquies Smith: Another real long shot to make the roster. Special Teams play is his only way to the 53 or practice squad


Overview: LB had the potential to be a good unit prior to the Kiko injury. It can still be solid but the Bills will need to find a gem in the cluster of Lower Tier FA’s/UDFA’s or have Preston Brown come up big as a rookie much the way Kiko did. That however is pretty unrealistic at this point. I expect the group to be average. They will not kill the defense but they are not going to be a strength either. The real liability is in the passing game for this unit. Still the Bills may catch lightning in a bottle because competition brings out the best in players and there are a lot of open positions at this point. What is going to separate who makes the team I imagine will be the LB who displays the best skills in defending the pass and there play on special teams.

CJ Spiller, The Never Ending Debate...

Mike Watkins




Ah yes, the never ending CJ Spiller debate has popped up again. From the moment he was drafted Bills fans everywhere have been debating about him pretty much nonstop. From should the Bills have picked him with Lynch and Jackson on the roster? How smart is drafting a RB in today’s NFL in the top 10? Who should start, Jackson or Spiller?


The debate still rages on today. Now the Questions being debated are if Spiller should be traded or should he be extended? If extended, for how much? If traded, for how much? This is how the debate marches on for Spiller and Bills fans


What makes the topic so debatable is the talent that Spiller clearly has. In 2012 the Bills finally got to see what made Spiller a highlight show at Clemson and a top 10 pick. It looked like it had all finally clicked for CJ, he was decisive and explosive throughout the whole year. He made defensive players look silly week in and week out and finally started keeping opposing defensive coordinators up at night.


The problem however is that is not the Spiller the Bills and their fans always see. If it was extending his contract would be an absolute no brainer for the Bills and there would be no debate about whether or not to keep him. The only debate would be is if he can take down the single season rushing record.   


Spiller has a pension for getting hurt, not major injuries mind you, but small nagging ones that always keep him from his full potential. That coupled with the fact that Spiller will go through stretches where he isn’t decisive, which renders his explosive ability moot. That Spiller is what drives the debate day in and day out with him and what exactly the Bills should do moving forward.


In reality it all comes down to what Spiller wants in terms of a deal and what the Bills want both short term and long term at the position. These are loaded questions and not easy ones to answer, especially when you are talking about a position in RB that has lost so much value in the league today. So first let’s look at the money situation from both sides.


From a contract perspective I have stated in the past that I believe Spillers worth to be just north of the Reggie Bush deal. He signed a deal for 4 years, 16 million, and 4 million of the deal is guaranteed. Spiller is better in my opinion but not by a whole lot at this point. They have similar styles and similar roles in an offense. I do however give Spiller the edge in that I believe him to be a better pure RB than Bush is. Bush has a slight edge over him in the passing game.


With that in mind I believe Spiller is worth about a 21 million dollar deal for 4 years and about 8 million guaranteed. What brings me to that contract outline is the value of RB’s in today’s game, his age, and who his comparable counterparts at his position. The deal represents a fair value for both sides. Now the real question is, where does Spiller perceive his value to be?


To answer that question you have to look at it from Spillers perspective. This will be his last and only chance at a major deal. He will be 27 this year and in the first year of the new deal he will be 28. So he has to strike and strike now. This year will be huge for Spiller in that he has to show that 2012 is the standard with him and not a fluke. So I would expect Spiller to be extra motivated and salivating for as many carries as possible. This will either lead to huge numbers or a down year because he is pressing.


(A side bar to this is that how the carries are distributed will be a delicate situation with this RB group. You have Spiller in a contract year, you have the proven vet in Jackson, and you have a young hungry RB in Bryson who has never had a big pay day in the league. This isn’t going to be easy for Marrone because they are all going to want the bulk of the carries. Two of the three are going to be really pressing for carries because it is directly tied to their immediate financial future. If not handled right you could see a very disgruntled group very early into the season.)


Now if a 2012 like year gets put on the books for Spiller in 2014 than his price will obviously be high. He will likely be looking for something in the 5 years, 35 million, 15 million guaranteed neighborhood. Now mind you all of these numbers are just educated guesses by myself based on deals I have seen in the past. Given that Spiller does not have an agent is also a big wild card in this situation.


The contract numbers represent around the average of what some of the upper tier RB’s have signed in recent years. Given Spillers explosive ability and if a big season happens in 2014 I expect that is where he will place his value. The problem is that is a significant gap to cover between the two sides. It’s such a gap that the two sides may just look at it as an insurmountable impasse. Which in turn may lead to the two sides parting ways.


Now before the Bills and Spiller even engage in contract discussions it should be asked if Spiller even fits what Marrone and the Bills want in a RB. The Bills chased Bryce Brown for a year and finally landed him, they added a bigger RB in Anthony Dixon in free agency, and just extended out Fred Jackson for one more year. So in terms of the position they have three players locked up past this year.


In terms of talent I would say that none of them are on Spillers level at this point. All three have one thing in common and it’s that they are all bigger than Spiller. With as much as the Bills like to run the ball Marrone seems to gravitate towards bigger RB’s who he can grind out drives with as opposed to the speedsters who while can pop one can also get dropped for no or minus yards are a regular basis until they do.


What also is not helping Spillers case to stay with the Bills after this season is that this RB draft class coming up has the potential to be the deepest and most talent crop in the last decade. You could see 2-4 RB’s taken in the first round, which in today’s NFL would be impressive. You will also be seeing good talent at the position all the way into the third round. Nothing is a lock but there is no way this isn’t in the back of a lot of teams minds right now.


So where do the Bills go from here? I wouldn’t say that the Bills are actively pursuing a trade but I don’t think you can say that they wouldn’t listen. For those who say they would never do it and its impossible haven’t been paying attention to this team over the last decade when they feel they have to many good players at one position. Trading Spiller is without a doubt a possibility.


In terms of value it varies on what is going on in the league in terms of injuries. If the Bills get offered a 1st rounder Spiller would be shipped out immediately. If some team offered a 2nd, depending on the team, I think they would strongly consider it and there would be a better than 50/50 shot of the Bills taking it. A 3rd rounder from a non-playoff team would give pause but I think they would turn it down. A 3rd from a playoff team I think would get turned down and anything after that.


When he would get traded is also a point of contention. I personally don’t think it will be in the preseason unless some team comes hard after him. I don’t think the Bills want to really move him right now and would like to talk contract through camp. The time I think you will really start to see the rumors and spec amp up is at the trading deadline. If the Bills season is not looking good at that point you may see the Bills go into seller mode with Spiller. To a playoff team he could be the offensive jolt needed to get that team to the Super Bowl. That would have value and the Bills would get a return on the asset instead of letting him walk away in free agency


Myself personally, I would like to see the Bills keep Spiller. If they are serious about making a run at the playoffs I don’t see how you can trade a dynamic player like Spiller and continue to sit there with a straight face telling the fans and media that it’s all about making the playoffs this year. At that point you are not only lying to the fans and media, you are lying to yourself


Spiller is a dynamic talent and the more of those players you have on offense the better you are going to be. Spiller combined with Watkins gives the Bills two players who are a threat to go the distance from anywhere on the field. That has a tremendous amount of value to any team trying to make a playoff run. To just give that away would be asinine at best


This is also a team that obviously like to run the ball. They have built an offense and an OL around that philosophy. You need as many good RB’s as possible if you are going to run the ball as much as the Bills like to. The reality is they are going to get banged up as the season goes along. The way the Bills roster sets up now, they can be depleted all the way down to third string and still have a starting caliber RB taking snaps. Why if you are the Bills give that advantage up? It makes no sense at this point


With that said however I do think this will be Spillers last year as a Bill. I cannot see the Bills with 3 RB’s already locked up giving Spiller close to the pay day he wants at age 28. Honestly I cannot blame them, those contracts with RB’s have a very strong history of blowing up in a team’s face. So I’m going to enjoy watching Spiller in what I think will be his final season in a Bills uniform. I would like to see him stay the year and hopefully be a key contributor in the first Bills playoff run in over a decade.

Preseason Quick Look: WR

Mike Watkins

( @merk256 )



Sammy Watkins: Get excited Bills fans, no seriously get excited. Watkins right now is displaying in training camp what made him such a special talent at Clemson and it's transitioning to the next level. There will be some to that say "slow down" and "he has to develop". Reality is this is what I and some others are talking about when we say you just know when some players are truly special right away, this is what that looks like. As some of you know I am a big Chicago Bulls fan (Bills? Bulls? Bills = Bulls... I don't know, it made sense when I was like 6) and this is what it was like when the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose. From the moment Rose stepped on the court in summer league and then his first pro game against the Milwaukee Bucks you could just tell he was on another level. He hadn't yet mastered the finer points but you knew he would because he is just another rare level of talent. That's what I'm seeing with Watkins right now. He simply cannot be handled one on one by anyone from day one. Aside from his physical skills that are pretty blatant what gets you excited about Watkins is the dedication he has shown so far to improving and mastering his craft. It’s that type of dedication and work ethic that separates the good from the great.


Mike Williams: The Bills traded for Williams during the offseason in very much a low risk high reward move. Williams has been plagued with Injuries and some off the field concerns here and there. So the Bills bought low on a very talented player in hopes that a return home can get his career back on track. Williams is the physical presence that the Bills have been looking for in a WR for some time. He plays bigger than he is listed and can really hurt opposing defenses with the ball in his hands racking up YAC. There were some rumblings during OTA’s that Williams may not make the roster. I don’t buy that for a second, there will not be 6 WR’s at camp more talented than Williams. I expect big things from Williams this year, especially in the red zone


Robert Woods: Woods turned in a fine rookie season. So much so that the Bills felt comfortable trading away Stevie Johnson. Woods is a dedicated route runner with deceptive speed and good hands. He can play inside or out and has a hand up on both Williams and Watkins in that he is the one of the top 3 WR’s on this team that has actually a caught a regular season pass from EJ Manuel. With teams focusing in on Watkins and Williams early in the season I expect big things from Woods


Marquise Goodwin: If there is one thing Goodwin proved last year it’s that if you’re a CB and you make one wrong step while he is running any type of deep pattern, then you may be watching a TD celebration about 4 seconds later. Goodwin to my surprise is much more of a WR than I gave him credit for coming out of Texas. He is not just a track star masquerading as a football player. He is still a bit raw of a route runner but the skill is there. Goodwin main focus this year has to remain healthy. His speed does this team no good on the sideline


TJ Graham: Graham I feel is one of those players that the coaching staff and the front office desperately want to work out. The reality is though he shows on a game by game basis exactly why everyone thought he was drafted way to high. Is TJ fast? Without a doubt, the problem however is that is about all he is. He has very suspect hands as he did in college and if it’s not a go or a post he is a terrible route runner. For some reason though he still receives far more regular season snaps than he has shown that he deserves. I think he is very much on the bubble but the Bills may ride it out with him one more year


Marcus Easley: Easley will flash every now and then on offense. Which he should because he has pretty much everything you want in terms of a physical build for a WR. His niche in this league and team however is on Special Teams. Which should surprise no one considering when he was at UConn he was one of the top ST’s players in the country if not the top. Easley has a great shot at making the team because I don’t see anyone topping his special teams ability and the Bills have made upgrading that unit a goal this offseason. Cutting him would downgrade that unit


Chris Hogan: Here is the thing with Hogan, during the preseason he is an excellent slot WR who runs good routes and has excellent hands. During the regular season however that all seems to get downgraded. I think he has a bit of an uphill battle to make the team. On special teams he doesn’t show much so he is going to have to prove that he is an asset on offense. Problem is the Bills may be inclined to roll the dice on a more physical gifted WR with upside if they keep 6


Kevin Elliott: Elliott has a lot of raw ability, but the problem is he seems to be on the sideline a lot due to various ailments. He has a shot at the roster but must remain healthy through training camp. 50/50 for him at this point


Naaman Roosevelt: Local product who is on his second stint with the team. The advantage for him against the rest of the bottom of the roster is he has been around the league and has actually regular season games under his belt. I really don’t see him making the roster but could be pulled off the street in season if injuries take hold


Caleb Holley: Showed some skill during OTA’s. I really don’t think he has a shot at the roster this year with how deep the unit is shaping up right now. Holley is competing for a practice squad spot during camp


Tori Gurley: Good size, no real shot at the roster, playing for the practice squad


Chris Summers: Good measurable but Like Gurley is not really in play for the 53. He will be fighting it out for a practice squad spot


Overview: The potential of this group is extremely high at this point. It is deep and talented with a good mix of skill sets. With Watkins leading the way the WR group could end up being one of the better ones in the NFL this year. I imagine the team will keep 6 and the player who was on the team last year who’s spot is vulnerable is TJ Grahams. The most likely player to unseat him is Hogan but Elliott if he can stay healthy will make a push also. Ultimately though I think Graham edges them both out and makes the roster because the reality is you can’t teach speed

Preseason Quick Look: DT

Mike Watkins

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Kyle Williams: I mean, what can you really say about Williams. He is still producing at a high level at a point where most DT’s would start declining rather rapidly. Williams is the pulse of the Bills defense and an obvious fan favorite. I don’t expect this to be the year father time starts to catch up with him but that time will eventually come. Bills fans should enjoy his level of play, effort, and toughness while they can


Marcell Dareus: From the end of the season through the offseason and up to the start of training camp have been pretty much a disaster for Dareus. There is no denying his talent, Dareus has the skill and athletic ability to be a consistent top 5 DT in the NFL. The problem however is his off the field actions really bring into question how dedicated Dareus is to maxing out his potential. For the Bills defense to take the next step, outside of Mario, Dareus has to be playing to the level that the Bills started to see last year. The Bills will have tough decision to make in the upcoming off-season’s as to whether or not to extend Dareus out. There is too much talent and Dareus is too important to the this defense reaching its potential to just give up on him


Alan Branch: Branch is another player that really took to Pettine’s scheme last year. While he may not be thrilled to be in Schwartz scheme I think he will eventually take to it. Branch is not great at any one thing but solid at all of them. He is pretty much exactly what you look for in a depth rotational player. The Bills were wise to lock him up long term before free agency kicked off


Stefan Charles: Charles is the DT I am most interested in seeing this preseason. I think he was a good fit for Pettine’s scheme but I think he is a great fit for Schwartz scheme. There is a lot of potential with Charles. He moves very well for a player his size and he also anchors very well. Charles has the athletic ability and while he showed flashes last year. What will take him to the next level is improvements in the finer points of the position including most importantly his hand technique


Corbin Bryant: Bryant was a solid contributor last year and a good back up. How and if he makes the roster will be interesting. The Bills could decide to keep 5 DT’s but if they don’t Bryant could sneak onto the roster as a DE. While he may not be an ideal fit at all he does have experience out there, add in the experience at DT and that versatility is what may get him onto the 53


Damien Jacobs: I really don’t see Jacobs making the roster. He is young enough where he may make it to the Practice squad but I see that as less than 50%


Landon Cohen:  Cohen I don’t see making the roster either. He is a camp body at this point

Overview: The Bills have a good mix of vets, players heading into their prime, and Depth at the DT position. Williams is the rock that the group can count on. Dareus however is the player that is the most important at this point. He has to get his head on straight and fast. He is the difference for this position being one of strength for the next 5 years or one that needs to be overhauled.

Preseason Quick Look: DE

Mike Watkins

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Mario Williams: Mario is the type of talent and DE that you can put in any defense and he will produce. So the scheme switch I imagine will not have that great an impact on him. He really took to Pettine’s scheme last year but the early reports are that he is in even better shape this year and looks great so far in camp. This is big because Williams is going to be critical to the success of the Bills this year. Even when he isn’t getting to the QB he is drawing attention to him that allows other players along the Bills DL to flourish


Jerry Hughes: Hughes is the player I am most intrigued by in this defense. It looked like the lights clicked on last year and he became the player the Colts thought they were getting coming out of TCU. Now most of that pressure came from beating TE’s, RB’s, and taking advantage of overloaded side blitz’s. Those situations will not be as plentiful this year for Hughes. He will have to beat LT’s on an island for the most part in this defense. How he will fair will be something to follow but players like Hughes have had success in Schwartz style of defense in the past


Manny Lawson: Lawson has been a misfit for nearly every defense he has played in through his career. Then last year he finally finds himself in a defense that fits him and his skills to only have it taken away from him after only one year. It’s a tough break but so is life in the NFL. I think Lawson skills actually fit what Schwartz wants out of his DE’s. Now he needs to buy into it and I believe that he will. I expect a good amount of rotation between Hughes and Lawson from the DE spot


Jarius Wynn: Of the next 3 DE players in camp Wynn likely has the inside track on landing on the 53 man roster. I imagine they will want to keep a bigger DE around for obvious run plays. Wynn is by no means a lock to make the roster but his experience will give him a very good advantage


Bryan Johnson: Decent Measurable and fit for the scheme. I don’t see him making the roster but could be a candidate for the practice squad


Igbinosun Ikponmwosa: The name alone is reason enough to make the roster. He will be challenging Wynn to be the reserve DE in run situations. He is still young which may be to his advantage if the Bills staff decides that they value his upside over Wynn’s experience. Still, uphill climb to make the roster


Overview: The unit overall is not very deep and has question marks outside of Williams. It is really going to come down to how well and fast Lawson and Hughes adapt and take too the new defensive scheme. I was surprised that the Bills were not more aggressive this offseason with this position. From a starters standpoint it could work out. However the Bills become real vulnerable if even one injury occurs to Williams, Hughes, or Lawson

Preseason Quick Look: RB/FB

Mike Watkins

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Fred Jackson: Fred is arguably the most popular player on the roster from a fan standpoint. He pretty much embodies everything that the city of Buffalo stands for and wants in their players. Jackson at age 33 is still a jack of all trades RB who is useful and effective in any situation. While he always produces age is catching up with him and he is often banged up through the season. Luckily for him, though he may not agree, Buffalo has enough talent and depth to limit his carries which will ultimately make him more productive and extend his career.


CJ Spiller: Spiller is the constant tease for fans, coaches, and yes Fantasy Football players. The explosion is clearly there. When Spiller has the ball in his hands and is in his zone he is arguably the most feared and dangerous RB in the NFL. Problem is keeping the fine-tuned machine that is Spiller in good running condition has been an issue for him so far in his career. He also is very much a peak and valley player, either he is really on and feeling it making explosive runs or he is not feeling it and getting stopped for no gains. One thing I will say though is you really cannot question his toughness. He played though nagging painful injuries last year and was still the fastest player on the field most games. Given it’s his contract year I expect an extra motivated and focused Spiller. I also imagine you will see his name pop up in numerous trade rumors, especially if the bottom has already fallen out on the Bills season in October


Bryce Brown: League wide not very much was made or thought of with this trade that landed the Bills the former Eagle they have been chasing for a year now. In reality this could be the sleeper move of the offseason for the Bills. Brown has a good combination of speed and power that Marrone looks for in his RB’s. When adding Brown to the mix that is already on the roster the Bills have a very deep and talent stable of RB’s. The Bills also may have bigger plans beyond this season for him give that Fred and CJ are both FA’s at the end of the year, Brown however is not


Anthony Dixon: Dixon was a solid free agent signing by the Bills. He brings a jack of all trade ability to the back field group. He can serve a purpose in both the RB and FB roles. While he is not a lock to make the roster I wouldn’t bet against it at this point. The Bills clearly focused on upgrading the Special Teams unit this offseason and he is likely to be a key contributor in that upgrade. The fact that he comes from a winning team in a tough division is a nice bonus


Frank Summers: I see Summers as being on the bubble at this point. What’s helping him is that he is the only true FB with experience at the position currently on the roster. Summers making the team will come down to his special teams play and how much the Bills want to and will incorporate a true FB into the offense. I see it as a 50/50 shot


Ronnie Wingo: I don’t mind Wingo, he has some physical attributes you look for in a RB. The reality is however that if he is getting carries during the season you’re in trouble. I can’t see him making the 53 without big injuries


Evan Rodriguez: Has an uphill climb for to make the 53 but it’s not impossible. Good athlete but needs to make it via the Special team’s route


Overview: this is one of the most talented and deepest position on the Bills. Given how much the Bills like to run the ball it makes sense that it should be. What is going to be interesting is following the carries week to week and trying to keep the top 3 happy. History dictates that at least 2 of the 3 will have injuries that will keep them out of games through the year so the problem may solve itself. Looking forward it will also be interesting to see who the Bills keep between Spiller and Jackson. They may actually surprise everyone and let both walk. Spiller may want to much money and Jackson may want to spend his final couple years chasing a title. The bills however should be fine with Brown and what is shaping up to be the deepest and most talented RB draft class in nearly a decade coming up in 2015. The potential of that RB class may be a reason they are not in a rush to extend Spiller, that and his possible big money demands

Preseason Quick Look: QB

Mike Watkins

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EJ Manuel: The clear cut starter has a lot on the line this year. The Bills made some bold moves and also never really entertained the idea of bringing in a vet to challenge EJ even with the moratorium from the organization to win now. EJ had a real up and down rookie year and lost really valuable time to some knee injuries. EJ doesn’t have to become Andrew Luck, he never will be, but he has to at least show he is heading in the right direction. When the Bills drafted him I stated either the Bills just drafted Jason Campbell or they just drafted Ben Roethlisberger. To date I don’t think you can make a definitive statement either way. By the end of the year, or possibly earlier, however the Bills and its fan base should have a much clearer picture


Thad Lewis: Right now the backup QB job is his to lose. Lewis was a nice surprise for the Bills last year in that when the trade was made no one really thought much about him. When he received his opportunities to play the offense didn’t really seem to look all that much different. Now, I don’t know if that means Lewis is better than most thought or maybe you can spin it into EJ isn’t as good, that’s a debate for another day. Lewis will face a battle from Jeff Tuel but Ultimately I see him making the team and winning the backup QB spot. He throws a nice deep ball and his toughness does not go unnoticed by teammates and fans


Jeff Tuel: Tuel put up some decent numbers during the preseason last year and by all accounts and reports from the Bills he has made some big strides in the offseason. Tuel has an uphill climb at this point to un-seed Lewis in the backup role but it’s not impossible. If he fails to do that he will be on the roster bubble for the final 53


Dennis Dixon: Dixon physical attributes have allowed him to stay in and out of the league for the last five years. The reality for Dixon however is that he is nothing more than a camp arm for the Bills and or a emergency QB than can pull off the street who has a clue about the team during the season if the injury bug strikes the team


Overview: This position and team comes down to one player, EJ Manuel. The season and future of the team rest squarely on his ability to get better and develop. Good news for the Bills is that they have 5 preseason games this year. That could not have come at a better time for the Bills or Manuel given the time he missed last year. Manuel needs as many reps as possible

Cordy Glenn,  Big Questions About a Key Player

                I’ll Admit, the Cordy Glenn illness and lack of information coming from the Bills has me a little nervous. Not only from a football standpoint but also looking at it from Glenn and his family’s standpoint. Glenn is well on his way to having a standout NFL career and hopefully it’s nothing serious. Given the complete lack of information though, its seems to be leaning toward the more serious side of things rather than just a flu virus


  I like Glenn, in fact I like him so much I thought he was easily the Bills offensive MVP last year and clearly it’s most talented player on that side of the ball. I was wrong about him coming out of college. I thought when the Bills selected him in the 2nd round they just landed their RT for the next decade or at the very worst a good starting Guard for the same period of time. What I failed to realize it the Bills just landed themselves their franchise Left Tackle. Let’s be clear, that’s the level Glenn was playing at in 2013.


   While most teams are chasing franchise LT’s in the first the Bills quietly selected one in the 2nd round in the 2012 NFL draft. It seems fitting because he has quietly become what so many teams spend first rounder’s and big free agent money trying to acquire. After an up and down rookie year Glenn  settled right in at LT in 2013 and you rarely heard his name called at all during any of the Bills games. That is usually a very good sign for any offensive lineman.


  From a skill set perspective I would argue Glenn is already one of if not the best run blocking LT in the league right now. He is truly punishing in that aspect of the game. What has taken his game to the next level however is how far he has come in his pass blocking in such a short amount of time. Glenn only surrendered 1.5 sacks last year. That is an impressive number for a player most thought, including myself, couldn’t handle the speed and elite rushers that LT’s have to face game in and game out. However he proved he could handle those elite rushers and handle them at an elite level.


   This is why the possibility of losing Glenn for any lengthy amount of time could have a very negative impact on the Bills offense. The QB’s are used to have blind side protection and a left tackle that they can create push and holes in the run game Sunday after Sunday. Removing that from the offense can have a detrimental effect that no one was expecting all offseason. So I along with all Bills fans hope that Glenn has a speedy recovery from whatever illness ails him so we can continue to watch him grow into an elite player, but most importantly for him to have a long and healthy life.

Are The Bills Ahead of The Offensive Trend in The NFL?

Mike Watkins

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The NFL is a cyclical league, offenses and defenses react off each other all the time. The Tampa 2 for example was employed to slow down the West Coast offense. This required defenses to get smaller and quicker so they could cover more ground. Offenses then reacted again by getting bigger to take advantage of the smaller defenses they were facing. This round and round has been going on for decades in the NFL. The Bills over the past two off-season’s have been setting themselves up to be ahead of the curve this time instead of behind it


   This is often dubbed a passing league now with more and more teams moving towards a spread offense. This is requiring defenses to sink more assets into players that have the movement skills to play in space. They also need to be faster up front to account for the QB getting the ball out of his hands quicker. In general, to gain speed you must sacrifice size. Minus the few freak athletes that will arise from time to time like the Clowney and Mario Williams of the world, but those are few and far between.


   Eventually you will see offenses react to this to once again gain an advantage. San Francisco has already figured this out and built their team accordingly. The Bills however look to have also to recognized where the league is moving and decided to get out ahead of it. Buffalo this offseason and last offseason have set a premium on size when it comes to the OL. Players like Williams, Kouandjio, Richardson, Henderson, ect all have a lot in common. They are all well over 6 feet, all well past 300 pounds, and are all known more for their run blocking more than their pass blocking. That is a lot of power up front. Those additions also coincides with them having little issue letting a lighter better pass protector than run blocker, Andy Levitre, walk last offseason.

   The Bills clearly are looking for and have acquired bigger offensive lineman who specialize in run blocking for a reason. They have also put a premium on acquiring and trying to hold together a stable of RB’s that can take advantage of this OL for the same reason. They see the league trending down in size on the defensive side and want to take advantage of it by having bigger stronger offensive lineman who can drive these defenders off the ball. This is important because with Jackson, Spiller, and now Brown in the fold the Bills will always have a fresh RB available to them with each having their own style of running. Some may think that the addition of Brown means the end of Spiller or Jackson but I don’t think it does. Too many times last year one or both were banged up and couldn’t go full speed. The addition of Brown(and Dixon to an extent, but he may be moved to FB) gives them a talented option to go to if they have a repeat of the nagging injuries to Spiller and Jackson.

   The advantage of this is across the board. It allows the Bills to control the game speed and wear down opposing defenses. This in turn sets up nice for the Bills young QB EJ Manuel. The pressure is lifted off him if the Bills are controlling the game on the ground. It reduces the number of plays he has to make each game. It also opens up the play action and more plays against a worn down defense which will always favor any QB.

   So why would the Bills sink so much into acquiring Sammy Watkins then? The reason is the Bills, even though Goodwin and sometimes Woods flashed here and there at this, need a consistant deep threat. If you are going to lead the league in rushing and attempts you are naturally going to drag more and more defenders into the box. You need a player or two that can take advantage of this and the Bills may have acquired two of them.

  Both Watkins and Williams are very talented with the ball in their hands, Watkins especially, he is a YAC machine. So in reality EJ doesn’t need to complete a 30-50 yard bomb. What he needs to do is to get it to Watkins or Williams on the second level vs a defense that has sunken down slightly into the box to defend the run. If he can do this you have them one on one with a safety in space, advantage Bills. Watkins and Williams eyes will light up with that matchup because they are both virtually RB’s in space with the ball in their hand. Beat one defender and there is likely nothing between them and the end zone now. This is the type of WR the 49ers have been trying to add for years now but never seem to be able to. It’s why the 49ers were linked to Odell Beckham Jr. so much leading up to the draft. He is basically Sammy Watkins Light

   A lot still has to play out in terms of draft picks living up to potential for this style of play to work out and be effective. I for one am finally glad to see that the Bills finally have a staff and a front office that seem to be cognizant of getting out in front of the league trends rather than being late to the party as they seem to have been doing for the past decade and a half.

2014 Draft Review: The Bills Go All In

Mike Watkins

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The 2014 NFL Draft has come to a close and now its time to look at the Buffalo Bills class of 2014. I’m going to hand out grades for each pick and the grade is a representation of a number of things. I base it on the overall talent of the prospect, the round he was selected, who else was on the board, and the need at the time. I do not factor in trades.

Round 1: Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson- I don’t factor in trades but I’m going to use this to examine the entire scope and significance of this selection. Reason being is it could have a dramatic affect on the fortunes of this franchise both good and bad

The Trade: 2014 9th overall, 2015 1st rounder, 2015 4th rounder- The big part about this is obviously the 2015 first rounder. I have been clear on this for many years and the history of the league supports my stance, the trading away of future first round picks for non potential franchise QB’s does a team more harm than good. The examples are numerous. This trade is no different, I believe the Bills gave up too much to go up and get Watkins. For a team that isn’t exactly an elite free agent destination and year after year says that it will build through the draft, those 1st round picks are valuable assets.

The Risk: The risk is pretty significant for this trade. If the Bills get through the season and end up not making the playoffs with a losing record, chances are that the bottom fell out on EJ Manuel. If that happens then the Bills are in a real tough spot for 2015 and likely up to 4 years after that. They will have no way to select or move up for an elite QB prospect in 2015 and will have to settle to find one in the 2nd or wait till 2016. At this point the dismantling of the roster will likely have begun because guys like Kyle Williams and Mario will be heading out of their primes by the time 2016 rolls around. They will also burn through a good portion of Watkins rookie deal trying to find that QB again. EJ Manuel development is a big part of this working or not working

Then there is Watkins himself. There is a lot of pressure for him not just be good but be elite and not two years from now, he has to be a go to guy out of the gate. The front office made it clear they need to win right now. For that to happen Watkins needs to make an immediate impact. The risk is it usually takes WR’s a year or two to hit their full potential in the NFL. The Bills do not have that type of time right now

The risk is actually very minimal to non-existent for Whaley, Marrone, and Brandon. With new ownership on the way 9 times out of 10 the new owner is going to want to bring in his own guys. The only way to avoid that fate is to make the playoffs or come really close to doing so. If you are them, giving up that haul for Watkins is a no brainer because worst case you wont be around to have to deal with the fallout if it goes bad anyway

The Reward: Now as deep as the risk is the reward is just as high. If EJ takes the next step and starts looking the part and Watkins lives up to his pre draft hype the Bills could become an offensive juggernaut. Watkins skill set paired with Williams, Woods, and a great ground game that features Spiller, Jackson, and now Bryce Brown will be extremely tough to handle. The Bills will be set up from a financial standpoint and from a cohesive standpoint, as all the key players in the passing game are locked in for at least the next 3 years. That is a big deal in this league. How big a deal? The Bills could have just set themselves up for at possible 5 year long playoff run.

Summation of the trade: While I don’t agree with what the Bills gave up and the strategy employed, I can see why they did it. As the saying goes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. This without a doubt breaks the Bills pattern of operation for the past 14 years.

Each Bills fan will differ on this trade and it will be a point of debate for a long time. Reality is if you are leaning towards believing EJ Manuel is a franchise QB then the compensation doesn’t bother you and it wont matter. If you are leaning towards the belief that EJ Manuel is not the guy at QB then you are likely not to be a fan of the compensation given up

Will it work? Only time will tell

The Player: The only player I had ranked ahead of S.Watkins was J.Clowney. Watkins is a really special talent and he showed that talent from the moment he stepped on the field at Clemson. He had three years of very good production and has beaten every type of CB and defense that opposing teams threw at him. Last year was no exception, teams knew he was getting the ball and could do nothing about it. He saved his best for when the lights were the brightest in the Orange Bowl. He put on a show in that game against Ohio State and displayed everything you would ever want in a number 1 WR. Watkins was the clear cut number 1 WR in what was a very deep WR class. Every Buffalo Bills fan should be excited about the talent that has been added. When he gets the ball in his hands he is a threat to score from anywhere on the field

Player Comparison: Sterling Sharpe-Some people reading this may not remember him but Sharpe in his prime was actually good enough to have a debate as to who was better between him and Jerry Rice. His career was cut short by a neck injury however. The reason I compare him to Sharpe is Watkins like Sharpe was the complete package at WR. One common skill between the two though is how they ran with the ball in there hand. Watkins much like Sharpe turned into a RB when he got the ball and was not afraid of contact. If Watkins can become a Sharpe type WR then the Bills hit a Home Run with this selection

Grade: A+

Round 2: Cyrus Kouandjio, OT, Alabama- Kouandjio for me had a first round grade, however given the medicals and some bad tape here and there he fell into the 2nd. I think the concern over is medical report is justified. I would not have, even though I graded him as such, spent a first rounder on him. 2nd round however I believe the risk becomes worth it. Kouandjio should fit right in on the right side. He plays with Power and has the length to handle the pass rushers he should see from that side. I think it’s a calculated risk and a no brainer pick for the Bills who have a massive hole on that side of the OL. What I really like about this pick is what I saw in the interviews afterwards and why I love the second round. Kouandjio looked absolutely livid that he fell to the 2nd. That is the exact motivation I want to see from a second round pick with that type of talent

Player Comparison: Orlando Franklin

Grade: A-

Round 3: Preston Brown, LB, Louisville- I’ll admit I was not very high on Preston Brown pre draft. Personally I would have preferred C.Borland here. Brown to me is a little physically limited and I don’t think he has a future as a 3 down LB. I get the position as in the Bills need some protection for B.Spikes whom is on a one year deal. Brown I can see as some decent depth but I don’t know if I ever see him becoming a 16 game starter

Player Comparison: Andre Davis

Grade: C

Round 4:Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke- Shockingly I watched more Duke football last year than I have in the previous 20. What can I say they were good. Cockrell stood out the most on that defense. He has ok athletic ability but he makes up for it in toughness and football IQ. You won’t find to many players that will out work him. Some may recognize the name because he completely harassed Mike Evan last year to the point where he was having a mental breakdown on the sideline. That’s what Cockrell does he is physical, gets in your head, and beats you to your spot. A poor route runner like Evans gets real frustrated with CB’s like that. That is also a point of emphasis I look for every year in prospects, how does he perform when the lights get brighter? You want to see their game hit another level. This was a nice pick up by the Bills in the 4th round. I expect him to be cross-trained at both CB and S. With his football IQ it shouldn’t be too much for him

Player Comparison: Walter Thurmond

Grade A-

Round 5: Cyril Richardson, OL, Baylor- I’ll admit I’m a big Richardson fan. I had a 2nd round grade on him and one of the top 5 best OG’s in the class. Richardson is a good example of how the pre draft activities can sometimes hurt your stock more than it helps. If you were to go just off the Senior Bowl practices you think the 5th round is actually to high for him. His game tape however tells a much different story. Richardson is a mauler and road grader that will fit exactly what Marrone is trying to build on the OL. This pick may end up being the steal of the draft for the Bills

Player Comparison: Carl Nicks

Grade: A

Round 7: Randell Johnson, LB, FAU-The only reason I know this name is because Gil Brandt mention him as a possible Special Teams Ace on Sirius NFL radio. That was about three months ago and then I looked at him when I was looking through some sleeper picks. Physically Johnson has a lot of things you like in a player and is a team first guy. When it comes to 7th round picks this is what you tend to look for, a guy with good physical measurables that you might be able to mold into something. So for that I’m not going to kill them for this selection. There is a list of players I would have gone with over Johnson however but he is one to keep an eye on for in the development department. I imagine he lands on the practice squad

Player Comparison:  Will Herring

Grade: C+

Round 7: Sentrel Henderson, OT, Miami-This is the type of flier you take in the 7th round. You look for a player who has immense athletic ability, but has fallen for one reason or another. This could be a home run for the Bills if Henderson can get his act together. Marrone and company have apparently made it pretty clear he gets no strikes, any incident and he is gone. Hopefully this will awaken what could be an excellent player. I personally am rooting for him because it would be such a waste to see all his talent not used for what it was meant for. When he is on his A game he is a dominant OT that can handle both speed and power

Player Comparison: Michael Roos

Grade: A

2014 Draft Class Overall Grade: B+

The Bills entered this draft with a win now mind set and the players selected show it. They come out of it with arguably the best offensive player in the draft and possibly flipped the biggest hole left on the roster, RT, into a strength. They maneuvered around with what looked like a clear cut plan and attacked the draft rather then letting the draft just come to them. There is some risk among some of these prospects for varying degrees but the benefit is just as high with them. Sometimes you have to stop settling for walks and start swinging for the fences

Other Draft Weekend Notes

-Stevie Johnson trade: I’ll admit I am not happy about this move. The Bills after they picked Watkins gave themselves a big advantage over opposing defenses. With that Quartet of WR the Bills would have given themselves matchup advantages all over the field. They would have really tested the depth of an opposing secondary. No DC would want to figure out how to scheme and prepare for that much talent in an increasingly passing league. The Bills decided however they did not want that excellent advantage and gave it away for a 4th round pick in the 2015 draft.

My question is if the Bills are in a complete win now mode, why not keep that advantage? They would not have been pressed to the cap and opposing teams would have hated trying to matchup every week. To me the move made zero sense and was a very poor decision by the team. This team really has to stop giving away talented players for what amounts to nothing or peanuts

The only bonus is the Bills free up a good amount of cap room for 2015, cap room they will need in free agency for not having a 1st rounder and to extend out some up coming talent   

-Bryce Brown Trade: Pretty even trade if you ask me. I like Brown better than any RB they could have taken in this draft and they do need a quality third RB. To many times last year Fred and CJ were both banged up at the same time. For a team that likes to run as much as the Bills do, you can’t have that and have sustained success. When R.Wingo and F.Summers are getting carries you have problems. Brown gives the Bills a quality 3rd RB who they won’t blink to get in the game while Spiller and Jackson get healthy

-The OL: Bills look like they are taking a page from the 49ers book in building the OL. They want big physical punishing run blockers. Add in the stable of Running Backs that both teams have and it’s pretty clear they plan on running the ball down opposing teams throats to soften them up. Then with the talent at WR take the top off them hopefully one or two times a game

-No DE: Little odd this weekend that the Bills didn’t take a DE. Lawson and Hughes are the players that will fill in across from Mario(I know some fans keep putting Branch at DE but he will not see any snaps there in Schwartz defense, the role in this D compared to Pettine D is completely different. Branch is a DT in this defense). Both players have had mixed results from playing that position over their careers. This to me is a pretty good risk for the Bills heading into the season. Reality is though you can’t fill every need

-Not taking a QB: Good amount of fans kept asking why are the Bills not taking a QB? Its pretty simple, either EJ is good or they are gone. That’s one of the statements made this weekend. They were not going to give up a pick on another QB when it can be used to help acquire more talent around EJ. Again this draft is about the right now, if EJ flops and new ownership takes over they will not get to see out the development of any QB selected this weekend

Bold Moves Will Define New Look Bills


2014 ADM Bills Mock Draft Grades
Anthony D. Macari @nflwarroom

Like last Year, the future grade on this draft will all fall on how special Sammy Watkins becomes. I like the aggressive move, but question the overall gain when factoring in the trading away of Stevie Johnson, who did not gel with the new Bills brass. 

The Bills added depth and quality the rest of the way including Kounadijio who comes with a chip on his shoulder after being passed over in the first round. Kouandijio in the 1st round, potential bust, in the 2nd round with a motivating chip on his shoulder, potential beast. 

The Bills continued the trend of drafting prospects they brought in for a visit. It's great that they get that extra time to build a comfort level. Finding prospects who want to be here is important. The Bills have finally started to draft well the past few years, but now to turn the corner they have to hold on to the stars they do find and develop. An endless carousel will only prolong the mediocrity.

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2014 NFL Draft - Round 5 - Best of the Rest

  1. IOL: David Yankey, Stanford (Late 1st)
  2. CB: Marcus Roberson, Florida (Early 2nd)
  3. OT: James Hurst, North Carolina (Mid 2nd)
  4. OLB: Christian Jones, Florida State (Mid 2nd)
  5. RB: Lache Seastrunk, Baylor (Mid 2nd) - Bills Pre-Draft Visitor
  6. IOL: Cyril Richardson, Baylor (Mid 2nd)
  7. OT: Tiny Richardson, Tennessee (Late 2nd)
  8. DE: Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas (Late 2nd)
  9. OLB: Morgan Breslin, USC (Late 2nd)
  10. OLB: Jonathan Brown, Illinois (Late 2nd)
  11. ILB: Yawin Smallwood, UConn (Late 2nd)
  12. QB: AJ McCarron, Alabama (Early 3rd)
  13. SS: Craig Loston, LSU (3rd)
  14. CB: Louchiez Purifoy, Florida (3rd)
  15. SS: Ahmad Dixon, Baylor (3rd)
  16. WR: Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley State (Mid 3rd)
  17. ILB: Shayne Skov, Stanford (3rd)
  18. ILB: Jordan Zumwalt, UCLA (3rd)
  19. DE: Aaron Lynch, South Florida (3rd)
  20. DT: Deandre Coleman, Cal (3rd)
  21. DT: Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina (3rd)
  22. TE: Xavier Grimble, USC (3rd)
  23. QB: Zach Mettenberger, LSU(3rd)
  24. RB: Marion Grice, Arizona St (3rd)
  25. OLB: Trevor Reilly, Utah (3rd)
  26. OLB: Telvin Smith Florida State (3rd)
  27. RB: Terrence Cobb, Cumberlands
  28. OT: Charles Siddoway, Mississippi St - Bills Pre-Draft Visitor
  29. TE: Joe Don Duncan, Dixie St 
  30. OT: Laurent Duverney-Tardit, Mcgill - Bills Pre-Draft Visitor

2014 NFL Draft - Round 4 - Best of the Rest

  1. OLB: Carl Bradford, Arizona St. (Late 1st)
  2. IOL: David Yankey, Stanford (Late 1st)
  3. RB: Ka'Deem Carey, Arizona (Early 2nd)
  4. CB: Marcus Roberson, Florida (Early 2nd)
  5. OT: James Hurst, North Carolina (Mid 2nd)
  6. OLB: Christian Jones, Florida State (Mid 2nd)
  7. RB: Lache Seastrunk, Baylor (Mid 2nd) - Bills Pre-Draft Visitor
  8. IOL: Cyril Richardson, Baylor (Mid 2nd)
  9. OT: Tiny Richardson, Tennessee (Late 2nd)
  10. DE: Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas (Late 2nd)
  11. OLB: Morgan Breslin, USC (Late 2nd)
  12. OLB: Jonathan Brown, Illinois (Late 2nd)
  13. ILB: Yawin Smallwood, UConn (Late 2nd)
  14. QB: AJ McCarron, Alabama (Early 3rd)
  15. SS: Craig Loston, LSU (3rd)
  16. CB: Louchiez Purifoy, Florida (3rd)
  17. SS: Ahmad Dixon, Baylor (3rd)
  18. WR: Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley State (Mid 3rd)
  19. ILB: Shayne Skov, Stanford (3rd)
  20. ILB: Jordan Zumwalt, UCLA (3rd)
  21. DE: Aaron Lynch, South Florida (3rd)
  22. OLB: Brent Urban, Virginia (3rd)
  23. DT: Deandre Coleman, Cal (3rd)
  24. DT: Kelcy Quarles, South Carolina (3rd)
  25. IOL: Russell Bodine, North Carolina (3rd)
  26. TE: Xavier Grimble, USC (3rd)
  27. QB: Zach Mettenberger, LSU(3rd)
  28. RB: Marion Grice, Arizona St (3rd)
  29. OLB: Trevor Reilly, Utah (3rd)
  30. OLB: Telvin Smith Florida State (3rd)
  31. CB: Bashaud Breeland, Clemson - Buffalo Bills Pre-Draft Visitor
  32. CB: Ross Cockrell, Duke - Buffalo Bills Pre-Draft Visitor
  33. CB: Walt Aikens, Liberty
  34. RB: Terrence Cobb, Cumberlands
  35. OT: Charles Siddoway, Mississippi St
  36. TE: Joe Don Duncan, Dixie St

Some intriguing school prospects left on the board that the Bills may target on day 3. Liberty CB Walt Aikens and Cumberlands RB  Terrence Cobb were both brought in to Buffalo for pre-draft visits and fill targeted needs. Dixie State TE Joe Don Duncan will make some GM look like a genius here today. Other Bills pre-draft visitors to keep an eye on are CB Ross Cockrell, CB Bashaud Breeland and RB Lache Seastrunk.

Top 9 for Round 2

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



A quick look at who I think should be the top targets for the Bills in round 2. Anyone of these players I think can be an impactful player from day 1 on this team


1.Kyle Van Noy: One of my favorite players in the draft. He may not be the Bills biggest need but if they add him to this LB core this defense will take it to another level. All this kid does is make plays


2.S.Crichton: I am still of the thinking that the Bills are a lot thinner at DE then they think. I have a first round grade on Crichton, the guy is flat put relentless and would fit right in with this defense


3.C.Kouandjio: Health concerns kept him out of the first round. That risk becomes worth it in this round. When healthy he can be a very good OT and the right side would be an ideal fit for him


4.L.Nix: Again not the biggest need but the talent could just be too good to pass up. Nix when he is on is just a straight beast in the middle of a defense. Williams is getting up there in age and Dareus needs to get his head on straight so this could add some protection


5.A.Seferian-Jenkins: From an all around stand point, he’s the most complete TE in the draft. Some off the field concerns and consistency kept him out of the first. I still like the kid and think he can be an every down type of player


6.M.Moses: Plays with a lot of power and has a real good nasty streak about him. Has played LT but I believe his position on Sundays will be on the Right side of the OL. Would be a starter from day one


7.T.Niklas: He has some of the best hands in the draft regardless of position. I think he left a year too early so I think he may be a little bit of a work in progress but his upside is really high


8.M.Martin: I was late to the party on Martin but after going back over his games he really brings a lot to the table. He can play all 3 IOL positions at a very high level and while he is that road grader type Marrone likes he also plays light on his feet


9.S.Tuitt: System fluid player who is comfortable inside or out. In the Schwartz defense he would be a 3 tech, which would be a nice back up and future replacement for K.Williams

First Round Quick Takes

1.Houston: J.Clowney- With No QB on the board worth this pick Houston makes the obvious choice. Number one player on the board


2.St.Louis: G.Robinson-No brainer here, Robinson will in a year or two continue the great Ram tradition at LT


3.Jacksonville: B.Bortles-I don’t view this as big a surprise as it was painted to be. The need is clear and Bortles had a top 10 ranking


4.Buffalo: S.Watkins-Not a fan of what was given up but am a huge fan of the player. Watkins is my second rated player with only Clowney ahead of him. Make no mistake about it, no WR is close to him in this draft in terms of talent


5.Oakland: K.Mack-The 4 picks ahead of the Raiders could not have gone better for the Raiders


6.Atlanta: J.Matthews-The only OL that may be more poor last year was Miami. Need meets value at 6


7.Tampa Bay: M.Evans- I’ve never been a big fan of Evans and I think this is a reach based on my board. I think they will be right back to square one at this position in two years


8.Cleveland: .J.Gilbert-This trade made little sense to me because first I didn’t have Gilbert as the top rated CB and on top of that I don’t think anyone was really pushing to come up and get him


9.Minnesota: A.Barr-I like Barr more than most. Grant it, I’m not a fan of the scheme fit but Zimmer will find a way to get a lot out of him


10.Detroit: E.Ebron-This is about the right spot for him. I had him more in the teens but with C.Johnson grabbing all the attention he could put up good numbers


11.Tennessee: T.Lewan-As I tried to explain to some of my loyal Twitter Followers, the off the field issue will have no impact on his stock and the Titans showed it didn’t. He should be exactly like the player his is replacing in D.Stewart


12.NY Giants: O.Beckham Jr.-I like Beckham a lot. He was basically S.Watkins light in this draft. Great pick


13.St.Louis: A.Donald- I would have gone Fuller here but Donald added to those DE’s could make for a monster of a DL


14.Chicago: K.Fuller-Love this pick, I had Fuller as the top CB in the draft


15.Pittsburgh: R.Shazier-I’m not a big fan of this pick. I thought Shazier was an ideal 4-3 WLB. I don’t like the fit as a ILB in a 3-4


16.Dallas: Z.Martin- Jerry finally makes a pick that makes sense. Need meets value


17.Baltimore: CJ Mosley- I’ve never been high on Mosley I thought he was one of the more overrated players in the draft. It’s a system fit however


18.NY Jets: C.Pyor-Hate to say it, but this is an excellent pick by the Jets


19.Miami: J.James- Love to say it, this is a terrible pick by Miami and a big reach. Any Miami fan saying they are happy with this is lying


20.New Orleans: B.Cooks-One of the best picks of the first round. He in Brees will have a Welker Brady feel to it


21.Green Bay: H.Clinton-Dix- This is a good spot for Clinton-Dix. Need meets value for the Pack


22.Cleveland: J.Manziel- So Cleveland is the team that has made the Manziel mistake. They bought into the hype and reached big time for a very overrated player


23. Kansas City: D.Ford-Not a fan of the player nor fit. I thought this was a head scratcher. I would have gone with a WR like J.Matthews or M.Lee


24.Cincinatti: D.Dennard- I’m not a big Dennard fan. I feel he is destined to the same fate A.Williams has in Buffalo, a move to SS


25.San Diego: J.Verrett-In today’s NFL your nickel CB is now your starter


26.Phildelphia: M.Smith-Thought this was a bit of a Reach, I would have gone with Van Noy


27.Arizona: D.Bucannon- In my opinion one of the more underrated players in the draft. Should add to an already very good secondary


28.Carolina: K.Benjamin-Never a fan of Benjamin. I had a third round grade on him and I think he will have trouble separating in the NFL


29.New England: D.Easley-When healthy he can be a beast. Very boom or bust pick here but if it hits it will be one of the best steals of the draft


30.San Francisco: J.Ward-Ward will be an upgrade and make 49er fans forget Whitner very fast.


31.Denver: B.Roby-Real reach if they plan on keeping him at CB. If I’m Denver I move him to FS from day one


32.Minnesota: T.Bridgewater-It’s a good day when you can get the best QB in the draft with the last pick of the first round

Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles still hang in the top 10 along with 4 tackles in my final mock. 

I also have 2 WRs in the top 10, 6 overall in the 1st round.

Read the Full Mock

Final First Round Mock of 2014

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )





1.Houston: J.Clowney, DE, South Carolina

2.St.Louis: G.Robinson, OT, Auburn

3.Jacksonville: K.Mack, LB, Buffalo

4.Cleveland: S.Watkins, WR, Clemson

5.Oakland: M.Evans, WR, Texas A&M

6.Atlanta: T.Lewan, OT, Michigan

7.Tampa Bay: J.Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

8.Minnesota: B.Bortles, QB, UCF

9.Buffalo: O.Beckham Jr., WR, LSU

10.Detroit: E.Ebron, TE, North Carolina

11.Tennessee: K.Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech

12.NY Giants: A.Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

13.St.Louis: H.Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama

14.Chicago: J.Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma St

15.Pittsburgh: Z.Martin, OT, Notre Dame

16.Dallas: A.Barr, LB, UCLA

17.Baltimore: B.Cooks, WR, Oregon St

18.NY Jets: C.Pryor, S, Louisville

19.Miami: C.Kouandjio, OT, Alabama

20.Arizona: J.Manziel, QB, Texas A&M

21.Green Bay: CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama

22.Philadelphia: D.Ford, LB, Auburn

23.Kansas City: M.Lee, WR, USC

24.Cincinnati: J.Ward, S, N.Illinois

25.San Diego: A.Dennard, CB, Michigan St

26.Cleveland: D.Carr, QB, Fresno St

27.New Orleans: J.Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

28.Carolina: M.Moses, OT, Virginia

29.New England: R.Hageman, DL, Minnesota

30.San Francisco: C.Latimer, WR, Indiana

31.Denver: R.Shazier, LB, Ohio State

32.Seattle: L.Nix, DL, Notre Dame

Bills Pick

-From what I've been told the offensive staff is really high on Beckham. They have been all over him for most of the draft season. They went to LSU pro day, interviewed him at the Combine, and had him visit One Bills drive. He also makes an immediate impact on Special Teams which the Bills made a point of upgrading


-What would the Beckham bring to the Bills? First and foremost he brings an immediate impact to Special Teams unit. This means improved field position and possible points. From a WR point of view it’s hard to understand why the Bills would add him after drafting two high last year and then trading for Mike Williams. The Bills may be going for an overload at the position. In a passing league if you can go 4 or 5 quality WR’s deep you can really test an opposing teams depth at CB. That can turn into a big advantage and an even bigger one if the opposing team has even one injury at the CB position

-I think OT will be a strong consideration if the Board falls a certain way. Problem is I keep coming back to the same thing every time I put an OT to the Bills at 9, Marrone believes he can coach up the OL and won’t want to use a high draft pick on one

-Which OT is pretty easily logically deduced. They don't think Robinson will make it down to them, Lewan was never brought in for a visit so I think you can say not interested. So you are left with Matthews who did visit and Martin who no one thought was a possibility at 9 until Mayock mentioned him for the Bills. Both are instant day 1 starters and an upgrade over the current incumbent E.Pears

-I think the only way the Bills move up is if Watkins or Robinson make it to 5 or 6

-I think Fans for the most part have become to consumed with adding draft picks in a trade down. Yes the additional picks can be beneficial. However it gets to a point where you are sacrificing better talent for more options. The Bills roster is as talented as it’s been in years. The depth is there and now it’s time to add one or two pieces and make a run



Rest of the Draft

-I really hope the NFL reconsiders keeping the draft in May. The Process is already drawn out way to far to begin with


-I think rotating the draft around the NFL cities is a good idea. New York is New York but for cities that will never get a Super Bowl this would be a consolation prize. I really think some of these smaller market teams would really embrace it and make it a week long festival that the local economy would enjoy


-Placing the QBs in the first is the hardest part of this years draft. So much talent at other positions and you can still see a lot of the remnants of the teams that reached big time on QBs in 2011 and got burned

-Raiders are the Raiders, completely unpredictable and the hardest team to gauge each year

-I really like K.Fuller, I think he is the best CB in the draft

-I didn't forecast any trades but I imagine there will be a good amount, especially teams jockeying for QBs

-Everyone looks at the amount of picks the 49ers have and think it’s an asset but the reality is with a team as deep and talented as their roster is, the draft picks don’t mean all that much. I would expect them to look to start consolidating the picks
-It’s amazing the devaluation of the RB and ILB positions in this league. Look back at past draft over the 10 years, specifically the first round, and you will see teams blatantly say they can find those players anywhere

10 Prospects Outside the Top 10 that I think will be Good No Matter Where They Land

Mike Watkins

(twitter: @merk256 )



1.Kyle Van Noy, LB, BYU: If you have been following me on Twitter the past two years you know I'm a big fan of Van Noy. He has a complete game and is always attacking downhill. Most importantly though he always around the ball and making plays. Another key factor is Van Noy fits any type of scheme you want to run which is becoming more valuable every year in the NFL

2.Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt: Matthews has a lot of things I like in WRs. He is an excellent route runner and attacks his preparation as if he's a QB. Matthews has been my #2 WR on the board since October and will stay there through the draft. If Matthews had been on a more successful team, he wouldn’t be available outside the first round

3.De'Anthony Thomas, RB/WR/KR/PR, Oregon: I've been sold on this kid since his freshman year. I don't care about the combine times or the size. The kid just makes plays. The best part about him is his versatility. I see a D.Sproles V2.0

4.Scott Crichton, DE, Oregon St.: Crichton puts up good stats but even they sell him short. The guy is always in the backfield disrupting plays. He makes QBs move off their spot and makes RBs make cuts earlier than they want to. He is absolutely relentless

5.Carl Bradford, LB/DE, Arizona State: The Often used phrase of “Plays like his Hair is on fire” is a pretty good description of Bradford. The thing I like about Bradford is he can play with his hand in the dirt, on the outside, and for me I have also projected him to be able to play on the inside. He’ll likely go somewhere in the 2nd and much like I said about LB J.Collins last year, he will end up making a GM and Coach look really smart


6.TJ Jones, WR, Notre Dame: If you watched you watched any Notre Dame games last year you most certainly noticed one WR in particular making plays every game. That Player was Jones, he is the ideal fit for any team looking to add a slot WR that can churn out first down


7.Tre Mason, RB, Auburn: I like the way Mason runs, he keeps a low center of gravity and rarely allows a defender to get a clean shot on him. He reminds me a lot of Travis Henry with hopefully a lot less baggage.


8.James Hurst, OT, North Carolina: Hust is the forgotten man at the OT position in this draft. What really has impacted him is that he broke his leg in his Bowl game thus he hasn’t been able to really work out all that much. I had a mid 2nd on him and I still do. Someone is going to steal him on possibly as late as day 3 and get in my opinion a good starting OT for the next decade


9.Christian Jones, LB, Florida State: Jones Stats look a little bit odd from 2013 due mostly to the fact that FSU had him as a DE on some snaps. Reality is Jones is a far better LB than he is a DE. I like him best at WLB where his range and instincts let him make a lot of plays


10.Ahmad Dixon, S, Baylor: I watched a lot of Baylor games this past year, like most for the explosive offense. However there was always one player that stuck on defense every game and that player was Dixon. Whether it was in the box or playing the middle of the field Dixon seemed to be all over the place.  

Bills Notes and Thoughts

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256)


-Coming Home: The more I think about the Mike Williams trade the more I like it. Yes Williams has had some off the field issues but his talent is undeniable. Some would be concerned that coming home could be the worst possible thing for him. If he was younger I would agree with that. With Recent events however with his brother I think he realizes that the nonsense really needs to stop or the money is going to. I think Williams in familiar territory might be the best thing for him

-Fit: From a fit standpoint Williams should fit right in. He is a big target and known red zone threat that the Bills have wanted for a while. He also gives S.Johnson a legit running mate at the position making it much harder to roll the coverage towards Johnson. Williams is threat all over the field however because of his YAC ability which should come in very handy with the way the Bills like to spread the field

-Formations: The formation I am most looking forward to and hope the Bills plan on using it often is the 20 Personal (2 RB, 3WR). This personnel grouping gives opposing defenses a lot of issues from a matchup stand point. The key is having one of the RB’s being a team first guy and willing to block sometimes, the Bills have that in Fred Jackson

-Plus One, Minus One: I will never get this fan line of thinking that since Player A has been acquired that means Player B who plays the same position must now go. In this case its Mike Williams and Stevie Johnson. I ask why must Johnson go? He isn’t even in the top 15 of WR paid and the cap jumps up big time next year. By this time next year he likely won’t even be in the top 20 for average per year for WR’s. The most important part though is he along with Williams gives the Bills a very deep and talented WR group. A group that if held in tact is an advantage gained over opposing teams. The Bills should just give that right up after gaining it? Makes ZERO sense to me

-Pressure is on: With each of these moves the pressure mounts on EJ Manuel. He has at the skill positions along with LT and OC a level of talent that any 2nd year QB would kill for. Manuel needs to show a good amount of progress and he needs to do it early. If he doesn’t, I originally thought they would give him the full 16 game slate, he may only get 8 if he doesn’t show something. Honestly he should and hopefully will. The pieces are there on both sides of the ball with the Draft still to go

-Williams draft implications: This move doesn’t say to me that the Bills didn’t like the WR’s in the draft nor does it mean they wont take one. If Watkins or Evans are on the board at 9 both could very well be the pick. What this does tell me however is that the Bills don’t think Watkins or Evans are making it to 9, and I think that assumption is right. I don’t see Watkins getting out of the top 5 and the Raiders and Tampa Bay are said to be really high on Evans

-#9: I think its between Lewan and Ebron right now and I think it’s a flip of the coin. What do the Bills value more at this point, giving the running game and Manuels time in the pocket a boost or giving opposing defenses even bigger matchup problems? My guess would be Lewan is the pick right now but its very slight advantage in my mind. This move also increases the likelihood of a trade down if they can get a team to play ball. Keep an eye on the Rams again

-Draft Plan: I still to date don’t think any of the moves made thus far will prohibit the Bills drafting players at the acquired players positions. I still think they are all still in play

-Defense Drafting: I still think LB and especially DE could be high picks for the Bills. At LB Spikes is on a one year deal, Rivers is getting up there and is more of a very good back up than 16 game starter, and behind them isn’t a whole lot. Expect the Bills to draft at least 1 LB in this draft…At DE I’m surprised the Bills haven’t acquired one in FA’cy thus far. Right now the plan of Lawson and Hughes is a shaky one at best. Lawson while decent at setting the edge at LB is in for a whole new role in Schwartz defense. Hughes seems to fit the defense but again he is going from a blitzer who beat, garnered most his sacks on overloaded side blitzes and beating TE’s for sacks into trying to beat opposing OT’s on an island. His history says that’s not a good fit for him. I expect the Bills to go DE as early as round 2, possibly round one on a trade down

-CJ28 vs CJ28: Interesting nugget came out Friday that the Bills had engaged in discussions with the Titans for Chris Johnson. This says a couple things in my opinion. First Spillers negotiations are going to be tricky and the Bills likely got some preliminary numbers from Spillers camp and didn’t like what they heard. Number 2, I don’t buy into the actual interest in Johnson. I think the Bills engaged in this hoping the story would get out there to send a signal to Spillers camp that they do have options. I’m not worried about getting Spiller done because I think he is a good but not necessary player and next years draft will be the deepest RB draft of the past decade. I have first round grades on 4 RB’s in next years draft right now and that number could get to 6 by this time next year  

-Hughes: Rotoworld reported on Friday that the Bills are prioritizing an extension for Jerry Hughes. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think the Bills clearly won the trade with the Colts and Hughes really took to Pettines scheme. The latter is where the problem lies. Hughes had been nothing but average to below average until he found his way to Pettine. Until the Bills know how he will react within the new scheme I would hold off. I think it makes sense to at least wait to see what he looks like in camp and a few preseason games before extending him out

-Dareus Deal: Now the deal that needs to get done is Dareus. Dareus is a key player both now and moving forward for the Bills. He is now living up to what most thought he would be when the Bills made him the third pick in the draft. What makes a player like Dareus so valuable is that he fits any defense and has the skill set to excel in any defense. That is a very valuable trait. If the Bills can get this extension done this offseason it will be the most important and key move they make all year

PFWR Prospect Countdown


Mike Watkins: @merk256 3/31/14

 Davante Adams

College: Fresno State

Height: 6’1

Weight: 212

40: 4.56

Bench: 14

Vert: 39 ½



-Good Build and could add more weight if needed

-Very good set of hands and knows how to track the ball in air

-Physical player can rack up YAC



-Ok speed

-Will get sloppy with routes

-Blocking is suspect at best


Overview: Adams has been on a steady rise since the draft season started. So much so that you are starting to see him pop up in the late first round. I wouldn’t go that far with him. Adams has a lot to like about him in that he is your classic possession WR who isn’t afraid to go over the middle and will fight for yards after he catches it. He would fit best with a team that has an established down the field threat already on the roster


My Grade: Early 3rd

Where I think he will go: Middle 2nd

Mock Draft 1.0

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



This is the first of my two Mock Drafts. The other Mock will be posted in the week leading up to the draft. I assume no trades and this is what I think teams will do not what I would do


1.Houston Texans: B.Bortles, QB, Central Florida-Is he the best player in the draft? No, but he plays the most important position in the draft and fits the style that O’Brien looks for in QB’s. Bortles to me is the front runner to go #1 right now


2.St.Louis Rams: S.Watkins, WR, Clemson- As much as an OT would make sense I can’t see them passing on a playmaker like Watkins. T.Austin was the pick last year but he needs to be in open space to make an impact. You add Watkins and that will free him up even more


3.Jacksonville Jaguars: T.Bridgewater, QB, Louisville- There will be a lot of tempting players at this spot but the reality is the Jaguars don’t have a single QB on the current roster that you would want being a 16 game starter. Bridgewater is the top QB in this class in my opinion and I can’t see the Jags passing on him


4.Cleveland Browns: J.Clowney, DE, South Carolina- Most people are thinking QB here but I think Pettine sees Clowney as a player that he can use much like he did with Mario Williams last year in Buffalo. You can line him up almost anywhere and he will cause havoc. I think Pettine first goal in Cleveland is to make the defense elite and Clowney could put them were they want to be with that


5.Oakland Raiders: K.Mack, LB, Buffalo- Ah yes, the Raiders, always one of the toughest teams to peg in the draft year in and year out. This year though if the top 5 fall like I have above this selection should be a no brainer. Mack is a versatile playmaker that would be in an instant shot in the arm for a Raiders team looking for an identity and a player to build around


6.Atlanta Falcons: C.Robinson, OT, Auburn-I think this pick is between Clowney, Mack, and Robinson. Robinson is the player still left on the board and the need matches the value. I’ve never been a big Sam Baker fan and I imagine they would kick him to the right side and hope they have selected their franchise LT in Robinson for the next 12 years.


7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: J.Matthews, OT, Texas A&M- Tampa Bay continues the overhauling of their Offensive Line with the selection of Matthews. With NFL bloodlines and the ability to play either side of the line Matthews would get Tampa moving in the right direction in the revamping. I imagine E.Ebron will get some strong consideration here as well


8.Minnesota Vikings: E.Ebron, TE, North Carolina- The Vikings are in a really tough spot at 8. They value here is not any of their needs. What this really comes down to is how they feel about Manziel. I’m starting to think that they don’t have that strong an opinion on him and that they can get a QB with similar talent, such as Carr, in the second round. Ebron adds another weapon to a very weak spot on their roster to help whatever QB is under center in 2014


9.Buffalo Bills: M.Evans, WR, Texas A&M- The Bills have a couple of different way they go here. I personally would liked to have gone defense because I think they right way to build this team around Manuel is to have a top 5 D supporting him so it reduces the amount of plays he has to make. By process of elimination let’s look at my thought process that leads me to the Bills Selecting Evans.


On Defense you have a place on each level where a talented player could be added. On the DL the Bills could use a DE that is a better fit for Schwartz defense but there isn’t one left that really is worth a top 10 pick. OLB could still be considered a need but Barr doesn’t fit the defense and this would be a little high for any of Mosley, Shazier, and Van Noy. CB you have a player that is worth it value wise in Gilbert but I feel the Bills are happy with their current group of CB’s. At least happy enough where they won’t spend a top 10 pick on one. That leaves Safety, this is the dark horse position for the Bills here as much as its fan base doesn’t want to hear it. Clinton-Dix and Pryor are not top 10 picks but they are not far off either. The Bills coaches and front office say they are high on Williams and Meeks but that could all just be lip service. That said I don’t think this is the direction they will go at 9


That moves the selection to the other side of the ball. You have a couple of options that I imagine the Bills will consider. Those options are OT, WR, OG, and TE. With Ebron already off the board I think it’s safe to say you can remove the TE option. I don’t see an anyway possible an OG is the pick so that is off the board. That brings us to OT, both the need and the value are there with Lewan on the board. The drop off is also significant to the next OT on the board. The issue is however two fold. The first one is the lesson from free agency and the signing of C.Williams. Williams has been considered a bust his entire career and the Bills signed him to a bit of a head scratcher deal. The deal was struck because Marrone said himself he believes he can coach Williams up and out of the bust label. This is important when it comes to the draft. If Marrone believes he can take lesser talent and coach it up Bills fans should really ever expect the Bills to draft an OL very high in the draft. They, and specifically Marrone, believe they can hold off on the position due to his ability as a coach. Is that smart strategy, that’s debatable given the disaster of the LG position last year. When it comes to the draft though I wouldn’t think the Bills will even consider an OL until round 3 at the earliest.


The next issue would be where Whaley’s background and where he came up from as a scout. He comes from a system in Pittsburgh and a GM in Nix where Best Player Available(BPA) takes precedent, especially in the first round. In this system certain positions hold greater weight than others. All skill positions are going to outweigh what are considered non skill positions. In this case the impact of a WR is going to outweigh that of a RT. If Whaley, and we don’t know his true philosophy yet considering this is his first draft in the captains chair, is beholden to this line of draft Philosophy then he will take a WR over a OT nearly every single time


Now that leads us to WR and the selection of Mike Evans. I’m personally not that high on Mike Evans. I think his lack of route running ability is really going to be an issue for him especially early in his career. I think this whole “High Pointing” and “Contested Catches” ability has been way over blown by media and fans alike. They are luxury skills that account for about 5% of a WR receptions in a given year. The red zone argument is also a false reality as a reasoning because again the amount of contested receptions in that area in reality is far lower than the perception of how many are made.


That said the Bills have made it pretty clear they would like a receiving option with some size on the roster. They have been sniffing around a WR or two in Free Agency that would give them that. Evans would provide the size and has the ceiling the Bills would want in a first round WR. Throw him into the mix with Stevie, Woods, and Goodwin and that gives the Bills a great mix of depth and skill sets for EJ Manuel to work with.


If the Bills can tap into Evans Physical gifts and improve him as a route runner(This is where having one of if not the best route runner in the game in S.Johnson comes in handy) then the sky is the limit for Evans. The things I like about Evans are his aggressive nature playing the position of WR on top of very good hands. Evans has the makings of a number one WR but he is going to take some time to get there. Given where the Bills are with their current group of WR’s they can allow Evans to grow into the position and not put it all on him from day 1.


Now with that said, if this selection is made with the intent of green lighting a S.Johnson trade than I am not for this selection at all in any way. I believe this selection should be made with the intent of keeping Stevie and dropping a player like TJ Graham down the depth chart or straight off the roster. Again as stated before, adding Evans to this WR group makes it borderline elite with potential. Adding Evans and taking away Johnson, strips the Bills of that gain.


Trading down: If the draft falls this way some will want to trade down. Problem with that is that with the draft being this deep, most teams will want to go down and not up. That will make it very difficult to get teams to part with any type of valuable draft pick to go down a couple slots.   


10.Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State- To me this is a no brainer pick where value meets need. The Lions have had trouble with the CB position for what seems like forever. Gilbert is the most complete CB in the draft and should start from day one to finally shore up this position on the Lions


11. Tennessee Titans: A.Barr, LB, UCLA- The Titans can go a number of different ways here. Barr however is an excellent fit for new DC Ray Horton's scheme. Barr could start immediately and have an impact under Horton

12.New York Giants: T.Lewan, OT, Michigan- The Giants want out of this spot but if they stay Jerry Reese is a BPA drafter through and through. Rumor is he is high on both Ebron and Evans, but both are gone at this point. Lewan getting down to here would be to tough for them to pass on as they are in the middle of rebuilding their OL

13.St.Louis Rams: H.Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama- The Safety spot has been an issue for awhile for the Rams. Pryor could also be the pick here but I think Fisher would prefer a center fielder type who can cover TE's and slot WR. Clinton-Dix fits that. If the Rams can come out of day 1 with the top WR and arguably the top Safety it would be a home run.

14.Chicago Bears: A.Dennard, CB, Michigan State- The Bears defense is in the midst of an overhaul. So I imagine this will be the highest rated defensive player on the board no matter the position. Ideally the Bears would like a DL to be the top guy on the board here but I don't see that being the case. Dennard to me is the guy and it fills a need

15.Pittsburgh Steelers: L.Nix, DT, Notre Dame- Pittsburgh calling card has always been defense and last year it took a bit of a step back. The D misses C.Hampton in the worst way and getting in my opinion the top rated DT at 15 who could be in the rotation from day 1 would be a good get for the Steelers 

16.Dallas Cowboys: A.Donald, DT, Pittsburgh- Jerry Jones is quickly becoming the new Al Davis when it comes to the draft. He's going to take players he wants when he wants. Despite Donald stock rising faster than any other player I still think this is too high for him. The reality is though for the Tampa 2 to work correctly you really need to have a disruptive 3 tech. Donald has flashed the skill set to be that player

17.Baltimore Ravens: K.Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech- Ozzie Newsome is another BPA drafter, question is, who would he have as the highest player on the board at this point? That's anyone's guess but I'm going to go with Fuller here. It's not the biggest current need but the bottom could drop out on the position for Ravens over the next couple of years

18.New York Jets: C.Pryor, S, Louisville- Rex will always want to keep his defense stocked with talent and with the talent they lost at CB a talented Safety could go a long way in helping making a smooth transition with the new CB's. I would see a WR here or maybe an OL, but again the Jets are built on a dominating defense and an offense that does just enough.

19.Miami Dolphins: Z.Martin, OT/OG, Notre Dame- Dolphins needed 4 new OL starters when the offseason began. They landed one in B.Albert and adding Martin provides them with options at both OT and OG depending on where they need him the most

20.Arizona Cardinals: D.Ford, OLB/DE, Auburn-Abraham had a good 2013 but it's only a matter of time before the bottom drops out on him. Having Ford on board could lessen that blow

21.Green Bay Packers: M.Lee, WR, USC- I could see defense here but I think Lee will be too good to pass up. The Packers are built on a "our offense and QB are better than yours" philosophy. The more weapons at Rodgers disposal the better

22. Philadelphia Eagles: R.Hageman, DT/DE, Minnesota- The transition to a 3-4 continues. Hageman gives the Eagles options at both the 0 and the 5 tech. They can score points with some of the best offenses in the league but until they can stop opposing teams it will limit their ceiling

23.Kansas City Chiefs: B.Cooks, WR, Oregon State- Bowe is a good possession WR and Cooks will add the explosion dynamic to the offense. Cooks should be a good fit in Andy Reid's system

24.Cincinnati Bengals: X.Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA- I imagine the Bengals want to move Whitworth back out to LT. With that move it leaves a big gaping hole at OG. Su'-Filo fills that immediately.

25.San Diego Chargers: B.Roby, CB, Ohio State- I think this is way too high for Roby and I see him more as a safety. That said a lot of teams see him as a CB and a 1st rounder

26.Cleveland Browns: J.Manziel, QB, Texas A&M- I don't see the Browns liking Manziel enough to take him top 5. Down here however, I think the Browns pull the trigger.

27.New Orleans Saints: K.Ealy, DE/OLB, Missouri- Ealy is the type of pass rusher the Ryan defense likes. He's comfortable both with his hand on the dirt, kick inside, or from a two point stance

28.Carolina Panthers: J.Verrett, CB, TCU- Most have a WR earmarked for here but I think they will hold off for that addition

29.New England Patriots: T.Jernigan, DT, FSU- Patriots added massive upgrades at the CB spot in free agency and now the pass rush from up the middle will get a shot in the arm

30. San Francisco 49ers: K.Benjamin, WR, FSU- 49ers continue their search for young WR to pair with Crabtree.

31.Denver Broncos: CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama- Defense, defense, and more defense for the Broncos. They have the offense and they need players that can start immediately during Manning’s last year or two max

32.Seattle Seahawks: O.Beckham Jr, WR, LSU- Lot of ways Seattle could go here. The defense comes back mostly intact. Beckham gives the Seahawks more explosion on offense to get them back to the big game.

Other Thoughts

-I expect there to be a real heavy run on WRs in the 2nd and early third. If that's the case and the Bills who already took a WR in round one should be prime to cash in on another position. I see LB and DE being the target in round two if the Bills go WR in round 1

-The wild card in this draft for the Bills is the DE spot. Mario Williams is locked in at one spot but outside of him there are some serious questions marks. Lawson and Hughes are ok fits for Schwartz defense but mostly on passing downs. Lawson was good at run defense in Pettiness system at LB, at DE in Schwartz system however it's a different ball game. I've seen some mention Branch at DE because he played it in Pettiness system. In this system Branch exclusively a DT and will not play DE unless of an emergency situation. With questions at both starting DE and depth I could easily see the Bills drafting two DE

-DT is also another dark horse position. In either this year or next year’s draft the Bills should start to find a replacement for life after Kyle Williams
-The Bills need to take advantage of a very deep draft at the OG spot. I know Marrone thinks he can coach players up but given the talent in this draft at that position he should take a good player and make him great rather than an average player and make him above average


-I wouldn’t mind the Bills taking a flier on a QB in day 3. Two names I would like would be either A.Murray or T.Savage.

Thank You for Your "Foolishness" Mr. Wilson
Anthony D. Macari @nflwarroom

There are certain men, whose lives touch more than the norm. Who's unique vision, passion, talent or perseverance make a dramatic difference in the lives of so many more than their immediate circle of friends and family. The world lost such a man today. 

As a young business man, Ralph C. Wilson Jr. joined a group of visionary men to form what became known as the Foolish Club. They saw a potential market for professional football and chose a different path to launch a new league to compete with the established National Football League. Ralph Wilson founded the Buffalo Bills and along with his American Football League colleagues, shook the foundation of american sports. 

Without their vision there would be no Super Bowl. Furthermore,without Mr. Wilson's integrity and perseverance there would be no football Sundays in Orchard Park, NY. At any time, he could have followed the lead of other owners who in the middle of the night packed up helmets, pads and footballs and left a community behind for greener pastures. Instead, Mr. Wilson was the one who stood up each time an owner threatened to move and made the case for loyalty to a community. He became the voice of the small market fighting for the shared revenue model that has kept the competitive balance in the league. He was the eloquent voice of the loyal fan who loved their local team and couldn't bare to see them leave town.

In the next days and weeks, we will finally learn the post Wilson Era fate of the Buffalo Bills, but no matter the outcome, Bills fans today should be grateful for the man who fought and risked it all to bring football here in the first place. Across the social media world, they are doing exactly that by honoring the man who stayed loyal to the community from start to the end, which sadly came today. 

I have no knowledge of what the plan is for the Bills ownership beyond today, but I feel confident Mr. Wilson had a plan that would keep them in Buffalo. No matter the fate of the Bills, I as a fan of the Buffalo Bills am thankful for the Hall of Fame life of Ralph C. Wilson Jr. 

Rest in Peace Mr. Wilson!

Bills Free Agent Thoughts: Spikes, Dixon, Chandler

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



Brandon Spikes, LB: I’m not a real big Brandon Spikes fan. I think he is a limited player who does one thing well and everything else below average. I really wasn’t really high on him as a free agent because of the money he would want wouldn’t match what he actually provides on the field. That said, even I can’t argue against the one year deal he signed with the Bills. The risk is almost nothing and the Bills don’t get financially tied to a player who likely doesn’t warrant that commitment. The Bills got there two down run stopping thumping LB to get them through the year. Worst case is he leaves at the end of the year no harm no foul. It also doesn’t prevent the Bills from drafting his replacement this year because guys like Spikes can be found on the third day of the draft

Read the full article: Bills Free Agency Notes

A look at the Bills 3 Signings from Day 2 of Free Agency

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



Chris Williams, OG: I don’t like this signing. It’s not because of the money, 1 million a year or 10 million a year wouldn’t make a difference and it’s not because of his PFF rating because if you follow me at all you know I never use that system because I think it is inherently flawed. Chris Williams just isn’t any good, I thought he was a reach and a bust when the Bears drafted him and then he goes on to the Rams and starts 16 games but was not good at all. Sure can you isolate some moments but overall Williams was part of their problem not part of their solution. People say “well he has to b e better than Lergursky”, Does he? Honestly I don’t think he is. I think they are close if not the same with the only difference being some size. In the end all I can hope for is that Marrone sees something in him that he can coach up, because he needs a lot of coaching up. I felt there were better options to be had out there if the Bills were looking for a vet upgrade at the position. It is what it is but I’ll be shocked if he is on the roster or even in the league in 2 years


Corey Graham, CB: This signing to me makes more sense. The Bills secondary was ravaged by injuries last year and cost the Bills at least one game if not multiple as they tried to patchwork it together. Graham the 16 game starter I don’t like, but that is not what he was signed for. He was signed for depth behind McKelvin and Gilmore, to give the Bills a bigger Nickel option to Robey, and to upgrade the Special Team’s. For that he is well worth what they are paying him and the fact that he is a home town kid is a nice bonus


Keith Rivers, LB: This may sound odd but I have wanted the Bills to acquire Rivers for the past three years. Rivers to me is the type of LB every team needs on its team. He is a bit of a Jack of all trades master of none. He has experience at both OLB spots and can fill in at ILB in pinch. He is not a 16 game starter but if you have a LB that goes down for a month he can hold the fort on not kill you in the process. Add in that he is a great locker room guy and I feel the Bills got a real bargain at 5 million


Other thoughts:


-I hope the Graham signing means the Bills staff is looking to move Ron Brooks to Safety to give him a look. I have been banging this drum since last offseason that I think he would make a better FS than a CB in the NFL


-It’s pretty clear the Bills strategy in free agency this year. Stock up on depth while waiting out some of the bigger name starters price to drop. The Bills once again last year had to deal with an onslaught of injuries that hurt them by exposing the back end of the roster. I would expect 2 more signings from the Bills. One more depth player and then make a run at a starter


-I don’t think any of the above signings takes any of those positions of the Bills draft board


-Eric Decker is a nice player, but the one thing jets fans are going to realize real quick is how different a WR can look depending on who is throwing him the ball


-The R.Saffold sign and failed physical is about as Raider as it gets


-No doubt in my mind Revis was landing in New England once he was released.


-Let the Revis trade be added to the long list of examples of why you never trade away your first round picks

Free Agent Thoughts

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



-The 3 day tampering window needs to end. I get what the NFL was going for when they first put it in, they wanted a college signing day atmosphere when Free Agency actually opens 3 days later. That however at this point is clearly never going to happen. The rules in this 3 day grace period are not exactly clear and teams have a dip your toe in the water mentality to it. I think it’s a gigantic waste of time and the NFL should jut have opened up Free Agency 3 days ago


-M.Vick is a name that intrigues me as a Bills fan. I think that the Bills want to have some type of veteran QB on the roster for multiple reasons. First in foremost you need a QB on the roster that has actually won games in the league. This is something that could help EJ just as much as a good QB coach or OC. He needs someone to bounce things off of in game from a guy who has played the opposing team. The other reason, If EJ flounders early I think the Bills may be quick to pull the trigger on him. Reality is the Bills need to get back to the playoffs. Patience waived bye bye a decade ago. The team is now going on a decade and a half with no appearance. You cannot sit there and worry about fan support if the main thing that breads that support hasn’t been accomplished this century, winning


-I think there is no single Free Agent this year being more overrated by Bills fans than ILB B.Spikes. Yes he is a thumper against the run, but that’s about it. In my opinion you can find guys like that in the middle of the draft at a fraction of the cost. He is a two down LB, but he is going to want to be paid like a 3 down one. If you want a two down thumper that has to come off the field on passing downs because he gets exploited by TE’s and RB’s then I suggest the Bills draft A.Jackson from Western Kentucky in the 5th or 6th round. That guy lays hits on players that make them forget their childhoods


-I have been saying it since the Bills hired Schwartz, the Bills have to add a couple DE’s to the roster. They only have one right now is Mario Williams that comes close to the profile of what Schwartz will run. Hughes will be a DE but he is not a 3 down DE by any stretch. Personally guys like J.Allen and Peppers (if released) would be a decent adds on two year deals. I however would expect a signing more in the line of a W.Young or a M.Shaughnessy, then for the Bills to double back in the draft on day two or early day 3


-Finding a good OL at a decent price in this period is going to be a bit difficult. So many teams have issue along the OL that the price is going to naturally go up. If I am the Bills I wait for the dust to settle and try and pick off a decent veteran. The draft is just too deep along the OL to spend any real big money in FA’cy on it


-Bills should upgrade their 3rd RB position. Jackson and Spiller are the clear horses but far too often they were both banged up at the same time this past year. A name I like for that spot is James Stark


-The Byrd watch has been an interesting one as it seems he is not getting the attention that most thought he would. Every day it seems like a possible option of his goes in another direction. However like I tweeted out on Sunday I am hearing both NY teams have contacted him and are interested. Rex wants a center fielder ala Ed Reed from his Baltimore days, and the Giants front office has always been high on Byrd. You also add in that Perry Fewell is the DC that welcomed Byrd into the league and is the coach who pushed the hardest for him in the Bills draft room in 2009


-I like Veldheer but in my opinion for the long run he is going to find himself on the right side of the line instead of the left sooner rather than later.


-Overall I think this free agency class is below average. B.Orakpo was the only player I would have given big money to if he had ever seen the light of day on the open market


-I think H.Nicks is well worth the risk on a one year deal


-I like E.Decker but you have to be careful what you pay him. He is not a #1 WR in this league but would be a great compliment to a team that does have that established #1


-I think Major Wright will be a steal in this Free Agency class. I liked him a lot coming out of Florida and I think he can be had for a decent price

Tony's Mock 1.0

Anthony D. Macari


The first round is in the books. I projected 4 QBs, and 6 WR's to go. The more you look at this draft the more you realize how deep it is. I will update this every week from now until the draft and will start working on adding a 2nd and eventually 3rd round.

Read the full draft here: ADM Mock

My Ten Guidelines to Navigating NFL Free Agency

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



1.Age: Ideally you are looking for players in the 25-28 year old range. These are the players that are in the primes of their careers and thus those are the years you are willing to pay a premium for


2.Name vs Game: Everyone has seen it on so many mediums. Player A gets released, Fan has heard player A’s name before, thus he must be good and fits what the team is doing. Far too often, but not as much as when FA’cy first started, front offices and fans got caught up in a player’s name instead of what he actually is or where his talent level is currently… which leads us to number 3


3. Pay players for what they will do not what they have done: Too many players, especially coming off a Super Bowl, are looking for a retirement plan and a team to fund it. You can’t get suckered into that as a team. Players on the wrong side of 30 should never be given anything over a 3 year deal or paid a premium for that deal. If anything the team should stick to one year deals with players at this age


4. Don’t give long term deals to any RB at or over 28: Pretty simple, the line for RB’s is 30 and the value on them has plummeted. Give any type of RB that type of money that late in his career and it usually ends up being a horrible deal that can and will really mess up your cap situation. The cost of which could be retaining a more talented younger player. RB’s peak earlier than any other position and once they hit 30 the production usually drops like a rock. So at 28 you MAY get 2 years of decent production but not enough to be tied to the years 30 and after


5.They are free for a reason: Most fans seem to forget this. Most teams in the league are not in the habit of just letting good players walk out the door. It’s not always the case but 9 times out of 10 a good player hits the market for a reason, and usually it’s not a good reason. Understand why the player is being allowed to walk, and no, it’s not always because he wants more money than the team is willing to pay


6.Stop gapping: If you are a rebuilding team this is a waste of time and will actually hurt the team in the long run. Let the younger players play, no amount of practice time will ever value live in game regular season snaps. For playoff teams looking to get one or two more steps farther it can be useful but you can’t go overboard, 2 starters max. It also helps if the stop gap player(s) are ringless. One year deals only


7.Big Game Hunting: Ultimately this should only be done every three years for a team. It is key that a few things line up, Age, Need, and Timing. In his Prime, Your team has a big need at that position, timing in that the team letting him go is doing so for non negative reasons as in against the cap or an adequate replacement already on the roster. Big game hunting every 3 years as opposed to every year keeps you in good cap condition as opposed to in cap jail


8.In house: Ultimately signing your own FA’s is the most productive. You know what you are getting. The key here, for the more talented players, is to get a year ahead of their impending FA’cy year. The better team’s in the league such as Seattle have become masters at this


9.FA’cy caries the same risk as the draft, just with bigger numbers: There is this logic out there that singing a player via FA’cy vs drafting carries less risk due to the player already producing in the league. The risk is generally determined to be far less given the “known quantity”. Problem with this theory is its completely false and many teams have been bit thinking it. The risk is the same and here’s why. While a player may be producing on this level on a team that isn’t yours it doesn’t mean he can do it anywhere. That player has been coached a certain way, played around a certain type of player, in a certain scheme, and in a different part of the country. There is no way to mimic those exact conditions on your team. For example, If say a WR goes from a league MVP at QB to a Rookie starter at QB it is completely unrealistic to expect the same results. Up until recently the term bust hadn’t been applied to free agent signings. Now you are seeing it more and more as it begins to resonate with people that that term should be applied to free agency.


10.The most important rule: FA’cy should augment your draft not the other way around. If you as a team keep continually using free agency as the main pipeline of talent for your team, you will forever be mediocre. If you draft well you do well, plain and simple. Great teams are not built in March, they are built in April(Well, May this year)

PFWR Big Board Countdown

WR: Paul Richardson



Height: 6003 Weight: 175lbs

40: 4.40 10: 1.54

Bench: x VJ: 38"





-Explosive player with speed to keep defenses honest

-Good hands, Doesn’t body catch

-Team leader



-Lot of nagging injuries

-Blocking leaves a lot to be desired

-Will avoid contact


Overview: I have Richardson as a first round prospect to start the season but the more I saw of him the more limitations I saw as a player. While he is an explosive athlete he lacks the refinement of the better WR’s in college. His intermediate routs need a lot of work and he also needs to know how to take hits as he often leaves his body exposed which leads to him missing portions of almost every game he is in. He is a willing team player so if he can find his way onto a team that doesn’t need his contribution immediately it will help him in the long run


My Grade: 3rd

Where I think he will go: Late 2nd

Bills Front Office Leave Stones Unturned Again
Anthony D. Macari @nflwarroom

"Leave No Stone Unturned" "Draft Well and Retain Your Own Stars" "Build Through the Draft" "Don't confuse effort with results" Those are just some of the quotes Bills fans have heard repeatedly from the Bills front office as they preach patience to a fan base who has been subjected to sub-mediocrity for well over a decade now. 

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Final Thoughts on Byrd

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )


-First things first, Byrd should be commended for being a Pro’s Pro both on and off the field. He provided many exciting moments during his tenure as a Buffalo Bill and for that I along with many other Bills fans thank him

Read Full Story: Byrd

Trevor Reilly


Height: 6’5

Weight: 245

Bench: 26

40: x




-Good Football IQ

-Plays with good leverage

-Comfortable with the hand in the dirt or standing up




-Not a great overall athlete

-Will get exposed in coverage

-Age, will be a 26 year old rookie


Overview: Reilly is one of these players that every coach loves to have on his team. He works hard every day and will run through a wall if you ask him to. He really only fits Hybrid and 3-4 defenses, which will keep his stock level through most of the draft process. I think at worst a team will be getting a good special teams player who can give quality pass rushing snaps on obvious passing downs.


My Grade: 5th

Round where I think he'll go: 5th

OLB: Telvin Smith


Florida State

Height: 6030 Weight: 218lbs

Hands: 10 1/4 Arms: 32 1/2

40: 4.52 10yd: 1.53

Bench: DNP VJ: 31.5


-Good range

-Very Good first steps

-Seeks out contact



-Will have the Tweener label

-Out of position a lot

-Coverage Skills average for both LB or S


Overview: Smith may get a little boost from teams that are looking to incorporate the Hybrid LB/S spot into their defense. He will however not even be on the board for teams looking for the more traditional player at either spot. As a player he is really well rounded and by all accounts a very devoted player Those two things alone are enough to get drafted and find a place in the league


My Grade: 4th

Where I think he will go: 3rd

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )

Post Combine NFL and Draft Thoughts

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )


-I think how the OT shake out will be interesting to watch during this draft. On the one hand there is so many possible quality ones that teams may feel they can wait. However when the draft draws closer and on draft day their stock always takes a late rise. Teams always need OL and a starting OT is usually seen as a safe pick. You will be hard pressed to find fans that ultimately won’t get behind the upgrading of that position

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PFWR Pre-Combine TOP 100 Rankings 

Our Pre-Season number one prospect, Jadeveon Clowney, remains in the top spot heading into the combine. In a deep and talented class starters can be found throughout the top 100. The class is particularly deep at Tackle, Wide Receiver and Linebacker.

PFWR Top 100 + Rankings 

Big Board


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1.Houston Texans: B.Bortles, QB, Central Florida

2.St.Louis Rams: S.Watkins, WR, Clemson

3.Jacksonville Jaguars: T.Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

4.Cleveland Browns: J.Clowney, DE, South Carolina

5.Oakland Raiders: K.Mack, LB, Buffalo

6.Atlanta Falcons: C.Robinson, OT, Auburn

7.Tampa Bay Buccaneers: J.Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

8.Minnesota Vikings: E.Ebron, TE, North Carolina

9.Buffalo Bills: M.Evans, WR, Texas A&M-  

10.Detroit Lions: Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

11. Tennessee Titans: A.Barr, LB, UCLA
12.New York Giants: T.Lewan, OT, Michigan
13.St.Louis Rams: H.Clinton-Dix, S, Alabama
14.Chicago Bears: A.Dennard, CB, Michigan State
15.Pittsburgh Steelers: L.Nix, DT, Notre Dame
16.Dallas Cowboys: A.Donald, DT, Pittsburgh
17.Baltimore Ravens: K.Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
18.New York Jets: C.Pryor, S, Louisville
19.Miami Dolphins: Z.Martin, OT/OG, Notre Dame
20.Arizona Cardinals: D.Ford, OLB/DE, Auburn
21.Green Bay Packers: M.Lee, WR, USC
22. Philadelphia Eagles: R.Hageman, DT/DE, Minnesota
23.Kansas City Chiefs: B.Cooks, WR, Oregon State
24.Cincinnati Bengals: X.Su'a-Filo, OG, UCLA
25.San Diego Chargers: B.Roby, CB, Ohio State
26.Cleveland Browns: J.Manziel, QB, Texas A&M
27.New Orleans Saints: K.Ealy, DE/OLB, Missouri
28.Carolina Panthers: J.Verrett, CB, TCU
29.New England Patriots: T.Jernigan, DT, FSU
30. San Francisco 49ers: K.Benjamin, WR, FSU
31.Denver Broncos: CJ Mosley, LB, Alabama
32.Seattle Seahawks: O.Beckham Jr, WR, LSU

ADMArC's Mock 1.0


1. Texans-DE:Jadeveon Clowney

2. Rams-OT:Greg Robinson

3. Jaguars-QB:Blake Bortles

4. Browns-WR:SammyWatkins

5. Raiders-QB :Johnny Manziel

6. Falcons-LB:Khalil Mack

7. Bucs-OT:Jake Matthews

8. Vikes-QB:Teddy Bridgewater

9. Bills-OT:Taylor Lewan

10. Lions-WR:Mike Evans 

11. Titans-OLB:Anthony Barr

12. Giants-OLB: C.J.Mosley

13. Rams-CB: Justin Gilbert

14. Bears-CB: Darqueze Dennard

15. Steelers-S: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

16. Cowboys-DT: Louis Nix

17. Ravens-WR:Marqise Lee

18. Jets-TE: Eric Ebron

19. Dolphins-OG: Zack Martin

20. Cardinals-S: Calvin Pryor

21. Packers-OLB: Kyle Van Noy

22. Eagles-S: Deone Bucannon

23. Chiefs-WR: Brandin Cooks

24. Bengals-CB: Jason Verrett

25. Chargers-DE: Stephon Tuitt

26. Browns-QB Derek Carr

27. Saints-DE Dee Ford

28. Panthers-OT Morgan Moses

29. Patriots-DT Ra'Shede Hageman

30. 49ers-WR: Jordan Matthews

31. Broncos-DT Aaron Donald

32. Seahawks- WR: Odell Beckham